Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mood Lights...Really?

My Husband & I have been doing alot of organizing, deep cleaning and just purging all that stuff we don't need. It feels so good to declutter and have order back!! To say we have made a few trips to Lowes would be quite the understatement! :) While shopping one of these times, we were looking for some lightbulbs and ended up finding something that cracked me up. Mood lights!

Has anyone seen these?? They are colored light bulbs! YEP, you read that correctly. Oh, it gets better! On each package you learn just what the color represents and where the best place would be in your home for that particular color. For Instance, Red=Passion! Great for the Bedroom (duh), Kitchen, Music Room, and more. I have always wanted to get Red & Green bulbs for Christmas time but I never had ANY IDEA that they came with such meaning!!!

It got me to thinking about how we are in our Christian Walk and if we Shine for Christ. Do we omit "Happiness " and hope that others will notice the JOY in our lives? Are we "Passionate" about Jesus?
Do we" Renew" our minds each and every morning? Do we experience "Serenity" despite what we may be facing because we KNOW God is in Control? How about "creativity" Being Creative for Christ can be sooo awesome and no doubt will bless many people!

As Believers I Pray we are being a Light for Jesus and shining brightly wherever we go! What about you, Which color best describes you??

I pray that as we grow in our Faith that our light shines brighter and brighter and never dulls or goes out!!

Thank you Charlotte, you shine so beautifully for Christ! Thank you for all you do!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Funnies ♥

Thank you to my oh so HILARIOUS Friend Kim from Homesteaders Heart for hosting Friday Funnies. If you need more than a Friday Laugh then she is the girl for you! She will bring a smile to your day, or maybe a giggle, and sometimes you may even snort while reading her blog!

OK, SO.....

I was walking into Hobby Lobby yesterday, and all of the sudden I hear a VERY LOUD **BURP**!! Shortly thereafter, I hear a giggle. I thought "surely that is some kid laughing" so I turned around and much to my SURPRISE I see a MUCH OLDER WOMAN!!! She looks at me and giggles even more!! I said, "OH MY, I wasn't expecting to see a LADY!!" She laughed out loud this time and said, "well, sometimes you just don't know or have control when that is going to happen!" I laughed with her and told her...."If my kids were here with me, they would surely be HIGH FIVING you right now!!"

Moral to the story: Never judge a Burp .... You just might be surprised to find a sweet little old lady can out do a teenage boy any day! :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Word-Filled Wednesday ♥

I seem to be very low on the energy level these past few days. I'll be honest ~ I am not the nicest person to be around if I am
a) hungry or b) tired! I learned many years ago that the enemy loves nothing more than to attack us when we are tired. It is in those weak moments when satan can work through us if we are not aware. Recognizing our weaknesses and then admitting we cannot handle them on our own can be one of the best gifts we can receive. It shows our Humility. It reveals our dependency on the Lord.

I was at a Joyce Meyer conference a few years back when she shared a story. It went like this.....

A husband and wife were having a somewhat loud disagreement. They were completely unaware that a car had pulled up in their drive and that just a small distance away stood the Pastor of their Church ready to knock on their door. The Pastor hearing the couple on the inside debated as to whether to knock, or just walk away quietly and leave so that there is no embarrassment on either end. His or Theirs. He decided to go ahead and knock. What happened next was a complete shock. He knocked on the door and to his surprise, the wife opened the door, put on a HUGE smile and welcomed the Pastor into their home. The Husband shook his hand and acted honestly happy to see him. Basically, the couple completely put on their masks. They made a conscious effort to put all the anger, yelling, and frustration aside. They were all smiles and acted as happy as could be.

How many times do we do this? One minute we are griping or wining and then we see a friend, or maybe we get a phone call and all of the sudden our whole voice changes, as well as our attitude. We may be sooo tired and want nothing more than to just sit and veg out, even telling our kids we can't go outside right now to play bc we are so tired. Next thing you know you receive a call from a ministry asking to help cook something for a family asap. You don't even think about it ~ You just get up, prepare the dinner, and then deliver it to the person(s) in need.

All of these situations I have shared can go one way or another way, it just depends on how we choose to respond. As I said, I learned to recognize these situations so that I would no longer respond the way I had in the past. It was very hard to see my behavior and to realize the hurt that came when I chose to make these decisions. I had to repent to the Lord and to those in which I had behaved that way. But honestly, it was a process. It wasn't like once I saw it that I could just "turn it off." I had to learn how to respond in a godly way. More importantly, I had to rely on the Holy Spirit to help me recognize, then to renew my mind, which for me meant that I had to CHOOSE to make godly choices!

I can't do any of it on my own! It is only through Christ that I can. HE gives me the Strength when I am tired. HE gives me the Strength to go to new levels and not allow my choices, or my weaknesses to carry me down. Am I perfect? Absolutley NOT! But, as the Word says "I can do ALL things through Christ, who gives me strength!"

You can find me here today!

Happy Wednesday my friends!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some laughed. Some ate. but...EVERYBODY DANCED!

Here are some of the goody's from HouseParty! bracelets, coupons, and glitter, Just to name a few

Our yummy hors d'ouevres! We also had drip beef sandwiches or pulled pork sandwiches! There wasn't a drop left!

Got that Worm down girl!!

How low can ya go?

Whippin her hair!!

We had Mothers & Daughters

and Mothers & Sons


The best dancer of ALL~ Our Rylee

We danced the night away, burned some calories too, but most of all ~ we had a wonderful time just being together! Laughing & being crazy is the best when surrounded by Family & Friends!! Thanks HouseParty!

Have you ever had a HouseParty?? What fun did you have??

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Break = Bloggy Break??

Holy Smokes! I guess you could say I took a Blog Break huh!?!? I had no idea I was going to do that LOL but my DH took a week of vacation and my Son had his fall break. (today is the last day - he will return to classes Tuesday)

My honey's goal in taking time off was to get some things done around our house. We got sooo much accomplished! We literally worked anywhere from 12-15 hours each day. WE had two parties! One was a HouseParty with the PS3 "Everybody Dance" game and the other was for a friend of Jantzens who is moving this weekend to Colorado! Then, We completely went through & organized the Garage, our mud room, our laundry room, and then the office. In the garage we installed some shelving. This helped us to clear the floor space & remove clutter as well as have it all organized! When we built our house, we built a Salon for me to work in, in what would have been the third car garage. Sadly, I never worked out there, but now it will serve as my DH's shop! I hope he has many wonderful days just putzing (my moms term) around in there.

We totally redid our Laundry room and closet! Wow! I am amazed at the difference!! Pics will come and this time I did get before's and after's ~ WOOHOO

Aside from work work work, Jantzen asked if he could have a going away party for one of his friends. He has a group of buddies that call themselves the Wolfpac (NO, it is NOT after Twilight LOL) Some of these boys have been friends since they were 3. Anyway, I thought that was so nice of him and said of course! So he went to town sending out invites. He also made numerous attempts to contact the friend of his that was moving to Colorado...Ya know, The GUEST OF HONOR!! He began getting RSVP's from his friends, yet, after a day or so, he still hadn't heard from his friend! AT this point, my DH helped him find his Fathers Church where he is the Pastor. He also looked in the phone book. Jantzen called those #'s, and left messages too. Surely, this will work, right?

The party day had arrived! The Bon Fire was ready to be lit. The hotdogs and smores were ready to be cooked over the fire, the lawn was mowed, and it was party time! BUT..... we had NO GUEST OF HONOR!!! Can you even believe that???/ too funny. I looked outside and saw it was getting darker and some major clouds were up in the sky. Now, let me preface this by saying....It has not rained in my town for quite some time! It has gone all around us but it has been like we have this huge barrier around our town and only our town and we just haven't gotten any rain. So when my husband says, It is fixing to rain! I was like .... YA RIGHT! Well, guess what! It didn't just rain. It Poured and it was one of the BEST Thunderstorms EVER!! The lightning was just incredible! Here is just one of the awesome pics my honey took as he stood on our back porch!

Anyways, as the boys arrived they all were sad that we probably wouldn't be able to have a bonfire. (So was I) but we played the JellyBelly game which is always a HUGE HIT (especially with boys) Ya know that game, right? Two jellybeans are the same color, one is a good flavor, and the other ...well, it's just NOT!! Like a orange/white jelly bean could be either PEACH or MOLDY CHEESE. A black jelly belly could be: licorice or SKUNK! ewwwww....get this one! A yellow green one is: pear or BARF!!! A trashcan is a MUST when playing this game!

They all had a good time! We grilled the hotdogs and did some burgers too since we were doing them on the grill :) They played video games and then finally after the rain stopped they went outside and played football. For the friend of their's that is moving I made a sign for him and made the boys gather together for him and take a pic! For some odd reason they decided NO SMILING AT ALL!!! Why? I have no idea LOL

Hope you had a blessed weekend my friends! I have missed you all soo much!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Assurance of Heirs

One of the wonderful things about a relationship with Jesus Christ is knowing for sure where we'll spend eternity. The Bible says we can have that certainty. It's a little like marriage. If someone asks if you married, you don't answer, "I think so." You proudly wear the evidence of your relationship -- usually a ring. You also have a license signed by a pastor or judge and two witnesses.

The same thing about your citizenship. If you were born in the United States, there's no question about whether you're a citizen. You are. And the same thing is true when it comes to your relationship with God. The Bible puts it this way, "Since we are His Children, we are his Heirs." In fact, together with Christ we are heirs of God's glory. (Romans 8:17). Like marriage and citizenship, you can know for sure.

I wonder....How many people know and truly understand that when we accept Christ and are saved, that we also become heirs as well? I can tell you that I did not know this, nor did I learn it right away. For me, it took 16 years. I can however, remember the very moment when I understood this Gift...this Promise...this Unconditional Acceptance.

It is so humbling to learn of the Promises the Lord has for us, isn't it? To say thank you, just doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. To be received by God as HIS heir....Oh MY! Now that will make one do the Happy Dance don't you think!!! :)

Galatians4:6-7 tell us:
Because we are His Children, God has sen the Spirit
of His Son into our hearts, prompting us to call
our, "Abba Father." Now you are no longer a slave
but God's own child. And since you are His child,
God has made you His Heir.

This I Believe
I can claim my spiritual inheritance every day.

Please join us @ Spiritual Sundays. It is such a blessing to foo many!

♥ ♥ Have a wonderful weekend my friends ♥ ♥

(Excerpts taken from A Woman's Walk in Truth by Vonette Bright)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

♥Happy Birthday to ME ♥

Today is my Birthday! Yep, Today I am 45 and I must say: I have been looking forward to this particular birthday for quite some time! I am certain you probably couldn't guess why. Go ahead .... ask me ;)

When you turn 16 ~ typically you have a Sweet Sixteen party and bright and early on your birthday you are in the car driving to take your drivers test and receive your license.
When you are turning 18 ~ You can vote, order products off of TV and QVC lololol, and, you are now considered an adult
Having those milestone birthdays are always soo much FUN don't you think!?!?!
Turning 21, or 30, and then 40. Wow, it all goes sooo fast!

So why am I excited for 45? Well, because .....I LOVE those reader glasses. They come in such an array of colors, shapes, and designs! I have always heard that around 45, your eye-sight will need a little help especially when looking at something w/ small print or maybe just hard to read. So is it true? Have I noticed a change in my eyes today since you know, I am 45 now. ha! The answer: Yes, I am beginning to see a change and I will embrace it ! WoooHooo! Bring on those reading glasses!!! :) I want some in every color please LOLOLOL

Now, for my Dining Room Reveal! Let me say this: I am not, hmmm, how can I put this? Well, I am not great @ decorating. I am getting more of an eye about it but I still go to my Mother for most everything! She has beautiful taste and knows exactly how to place items Perfectly!! So when I had a vision of what I wanted, I called Mom and asked her to help me. As we sat & talked last Friday she asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I thought about it and realized what I wanted was for her to help place pictures going up the stairs. Eventually she said "Honey, I don't think we should go up the stairs but rather I think you could put these up in your dining room on that HUGE empty wall." Hmmm, that just might work!

So we got busy. We had the BEST time! Laughing til we Snort or almost wet ourselves LOL Just doing whatever we wanted, being crazy and surprising ourselves with our carpentry skills! So here ya go!

Here it is in all it's empty glory :) A big empty wall! Seriously, we have lived here almost 6 yrs!!

Here is my Halloween or Fall center piece for the table.

These pics are hanging on a very small wall. I LOVED these pictues! This was last year when all the Trainer girls and Managers came over and did a photo shoot in our kitchen! It was sooo much fun! Rylee thought so too don't ya thing ;) !!

Here is my buffet. This was not in the plan and I did this by myself. I am so sorry I forgot to take a before picture. Everything on the table is new. I LOVE these lamps and that CLOCK!! LOVE IT!!

Last but not least here is my wall. My Mom and I worked sooo hard! My DH had to go out of town so Mom even spent the night! What a treat is that!!! We got up the next day and got back at it! Worked all day again. you would think it wouldn't take that long but we had to go shop for the frames then lay it all out, clean the glass, measure the wall, etc. Mom & I got pretty good at it! Just don't ever ask me about the Level, er I mean measuring tape. loll

Thank you MOM, I LOVE my Birthday present as well as the time I was able to spend with you! I am sooo blessed to be your daughter!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dare I say it.... "I LOVE WORKING OUT"

doctor Pictures, Images and Photos

Over the past year and maybe even as far back as 2 years I have gained quite a bit of weight. I would LOVE to say that having Rotator Cuff Surgery on BOTH Shoulders was part to blame. I could also say that it may have something to do with the Prednisone the doctor puts me on in hopes of relieving the joint pain I suffer with at times. I could go on and on, but the truth is, yes, I wasn't in a position to do much exercise while healing from the shoulder surgeries but I could have chosen a better way of eating or incorporating a walk into my day every single day! While on Prednisone, knowing that my hunger would increase (boy did it ever increase) I could have exchanged the sugar filled treats I consumed with fruits or something lower in calories and sugar.

Truth is... I was to blame. Nothing else. Just me. In late July I received a text from my Mom. She said she was wanting to lose some weight before a wedding we would be attending in August and asked if I would join her. As I read the text, I was upset and had my feelings hurt. After I had time to think about it, I KNEW my Mom wasn't intending on hurting my feelings IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. I also knew she was right on. I needed to lose weight. I happened to notice a new gym was offering a Weight Loss Challenge and I felt like this was exactly what I needed to do.

That was a little more than 8 weeks ago. I have since lost 12 lbs. and I have gone down 7 sizes in my jeans/shorts! I didn't win the Weight Loss challenge but I won a far better prize than what was offered. One day at a time, I am winning my body back. One day at a time I am winning emotionally. Did you know that when you work out Endorphins are released into the Brain. These Endorphins can help with Anxiety, Depression, Self Esteem, Fatigue, Anger, and even help you to eat less!

The gym I joined used to be like a place for football players to come and lift weights or body builders who lift for hours on end and leave to go eat and then return yet again. LOL The Couple that purchased the gym a few months ago didn't change much but they have made it into a Family Fitness atmosphere. I guess you could say it is not your typical gym. Nope. Anyone who works out here is getting an amazing and OH SO HARD Workout. No sissy stuff whatsoever. Just one of the reasons why I have enjoyed it is that they truly care and will do whatever it takes to help you reach your goals. I kid you not....Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser has a twin and she lives in my town and trains us day after day. She has NO MERCY! LOL but seriously, she pushes you like crazy. Helping you to realize you can do FAR MORE than what you thought was possible!

I am so thankful that my Mom asked me that question last July! thanks Mom. My Mom joined me in the weight loss challenge and I was sooo proud of her when she would work out with me. She is one strong lady!

Speaking of Mom, you will have to come back tomorrow to see what My Mom helped me do for my Birthday. I will be posting tomorrow (my actual birthday) about the Dining Room Makeover she and I did! It is sooo AWESOME :)

Weighing laying down Pictures, Images and Photos

♥ Have a Terrific Tuesday my Friends ♥

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Funnies ♥

Let me Preface this by saying: Savannah's Daddy is OK now, and he sure has done an amazing job with her! While I don't think the situation is funny, it is little Savannah that will keep you laughing as she talks to the 911 Operator.

Please go over and see my dear friend Kim for more Friday Funnies

Happy Friday my Friends ♥ U All

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What's On Your Heart?

How do you respond when distractions come?

Let's see. One example might be.... You are doing your bible study which is due in the morning. You stop to look up something pertaining to your study. After finding it you should return to your study but instead you click over to Facebook for just one quick look. That quick look ends in a 45 minute delay and now the kids are home and your spouse is not far behind. Now it's time to fix dinner and head out for the evenings practices.

What about this one.... You are cleaning house because friends are coming in from out of town. The goal is to stay in one room until it is completely clean. done. You pick up some clothes that need to go in the laundry basket, so you head to the laundry room and then you see clothes that need to be hung up. You hang them and take them to the Master bedroom closet. You turn and see your kids left some dirty clothes on the bathroom floor. So you pick those up and see a coffee cup your husband left this morning. The day continues on and on just like this. When the evening comes you haven't succeeded in cleaning your house at all!

How about this? Have you experienced this before? You wake up before everyone else to spend your quiet time with the Lord. You grab your Bible and journal and your Coffee. On your way to sit in your comfy chair you notice the clothes need to be in the dryer so that your kids favorite shorts will be dry for school today. So you take them out of the washer and put them in the dryer. Now you need to fold those clothes that you took out so they won't get wrinkled. You fold, hang, and put away the clothes and by now your quiet time is over. The kids are in the shower and will be ready for breakfast any minute.

I think you get the idea..... Distractions can totally destroy the plans you have, can't they? While all of the above scenarios are awful, nothing compares to when we are doing Gods work and we allow the enemy an opportunity to distract us from that.
Maybe it's a financial issue - working on debt and reaching the goal of being debt free. Maybe it's that God has called you to go on a Missions trip and help others KNOW JESUS. It could be just loving on that neighbor that no one seems to talk to and your friendship shows them the love that God has for them. In befriending this person they come to accept Christ as their Savior!

We must stay focused on what it is we are doing! Yes, even when cleaning house ! I can tell you that this was one area I struggled with a lot in my young married days. I would "clean" all day long yet, It never felt like it because I went from here to there and back all day long! I am sooo much more focussed now and also plan out the day I will be staying at home to clean and do all the other chores, so that we can enjoy the rest of the week.

It's most important to stay focused especially when we are doing Gods will. The enemy wants nothing more than to pull us off track and keep us there. Not succeeding in accomplishing that work is exactly when the enemy wants.
Being focused
Be wiling to say NO! ---- to phone calls, lunch dates, computer time, etc. whatever it is that will take you on a path that leads to chaos and failure!

Recognize the distraction, so that, when they come you can snuff them out immediately. Set boundaries, in love, and stick to them!

Accomplishing what God wants us to each and everyday is sooo very important and when we seek HIM, when we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us and lead us we will be successful! Achieving the goals we set, regardless of the task, brings peace, joy, and order in our lives!

Can you recall a time that a distraction totally ruined a situation??? What did you do?

Monday, October 3, 2011

♥Young Love ♥

My Son is "going with" one of the Sweetest Girls I know!! One of the many things that I ABSOLUTELY love about her is that, she is NOT one to put up with any drama. She has a terrific sense of self worth, therefore, she doesn't seek out others just to be in the "in crowd."

Sunday was 3 months since Jantzen asked her to "go with" him. When they get together, especially at her house, you will most likely find them baking together or maybe doing a chore for someone in the family! They are both such great kids!

Ahhhh, Young Love ~ It is simply "Precious"!!! Here is the card she made Jantzen for their anniversary

It reads.....

To My Sweet-tart, You have been a Lifesaver since you have been in my life. I am filled with Mounds of Joy I always get the Snickers when I think about you! I hope you don't think I am an Airhead for making this. My Love for you is bigger than the
Milky Way. You were Mint for me. I see
Starburst when I think of you! Sending you lots of hugs & kisses Love you to Pieces P.S. By the way, I think your Hunky

Isn't that just too cute :) Soo creative too!!

Hope you all have a blessed Monday!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


A year ago my daughter was crowned "Homecoming Queen" by her student body. We were all there to share in her big moment! It was an amazing moment in her life. One that no doubt she will remember ALWAYS.

Tonight was Homecoming and the reigning Queen was to return and crown the new Queen.

I remember vividly Jenna being crowned. My little girl ~ the sports fanatic, loyal friend, and beautiful daughter...inside and out. The bleachers were filled with people and so were the sidelines of the football field. Screams and applause erupted when they announced her name as the Homecoming Queen. A huge group of friends swarmed around her to congratulate her. It was a moment I will never forget. I will also never forget the humility in which Jenna received this crown. She never pretended to be anyone other than who God made her to be. She knew this was an honor by her peers, but more importantly, she knew where her Real crown will come from. The Eternal Crown. I have always shared with my kids..."You are a child of the KING!" Don't let anyone tell you differently! You are set apart Honey, by God!
Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity 1Tim 4: 12

Thank you Lord, for choosing us! Making us YOURS! For the gift of Salvation and Eternal Life! Thank you that even when we receive blessings here on Earth, or people are surrounding us and clapping for us, nothing compares to Your Love and Your Gift of Eternal Life!
But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy. 1Peter 2:9-10

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