Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Wrap up

I have to say the word of this week is HOT!!! The last day of July left us with 3 digits.....107 degrees! It is HOT here and this week calls for more of the same! It is going to be 100's everyday with most days calling for 104 or hotter with the heat index reaching well into 111 or higher! Our humidity just makes going outside to let the dogs go tinkle cause you to sweat!!!!

We spent Saturday in the pool! It was just about the only place to be! Our friends went out of town again, so we were blessed to be able to go pool sit and boy oh boy did we take advantage! It was a divine intervention for sure!! Thank you Lord!

My son and I went running a few nights this week doing the Couch to 5K program and one night look what we ran up on?

Scared the bejeebers out of me :) We just did a blog post on our book blogs about our biggest phobia...The number one phobia from those who participated was snakes!! I don't like them but honestly frogs scare me more than these do! Silly huh! Luckily this guy is a good snake and won't harm you! If you are going to have a snake around this is the one you want!

Sunday we went to a new church and we all loved it! We loved the Pastor and saw some great friends....Praying the Lord continues to show us His will and if this is where HE wants us!

Tomorrow brings my sweet Rylee girl and this week will be fast and furious. I seriously can't believe Aug. is here! Only 16 days til school starts :( Breaks my heart!!!!

How was your weekend? Is school starting soon for you all?

Pray you have a blessed week! Love to you all!