Monday, August 17, 2009

A day at the Movies, a win, and a prayer

After I had seen a couple of friends post about this movie plus my mom telling me how good it was, I asked my DH to take me to see this. I also wanted to see the Time Travelers Wife as well, so we decided to make a day of it. I really liked the Time travelers Wife but I must say I have been in a romantic gushy mood since I have been home with my honey! Upon reading about this movie on I knew it wasn't a movie that I wanted to take our teenage daughter along with her boyfriend to see, so, we invited them to go with us to see Julia & Julie. My daughter was bummed but it is one I will see with her on a girls day :) It truly is PG13

On Julia & Julie, I must say, I agree .....any and all bloggers must see this movie! We can so relate! Being somewhat of a new blogger myself I saw the transformation in Julie that I have experienced. Such as....the excitement of our first comment, our obsession, our realization that we can, and do at times, put this blogging above our families and balancing that out in time, and even the point in which she is told by her oh so sweet hubby "DO NOT BLOG ABOUT THIS!" hee hee! Yep I have experienced each and every one of these! This movie is wonderful....I laughed, I cried, I learned alot about Julia and didn't know this was a true story even about Julie! I love the wonderful portrayal of marriage in this movie because their husbands were supportive and they communicated, loved, worked hard TOGETHER no matter what life threw at them and they believed in each other! It just made me love and appreciate the relationship I have with my husband because he is sooo like the men in this movie! I think too after seeing this movie he understands why I love blogging so much and here is just why I say this:

When I opened my computer this morning I went to Incourage to read their post for the day and they happened to be announcing the winners of their Limited Edition Incourage tshirt. Out of 250 "what incourages you" posts I was one of the lucky random chosen WINNERS!!! I called my husband and told him and he was earnestly excited with and for me! He is so precious!
This is Holley with DaySpring sporting modeling this tshirt! She is a sweet lady as are all the women involved in this website!

On a side note I have to ask for prayer for my Dad today. This has been a hard weekend and today he actually cancelled all clients and for the first time is NOT going to work because he is just tooo exhausted. He is sleeping most of the time and I found out yesterday that most food has become to painful to eat. He was able to eat a shake yesterday but that is it. Smoothies have become to painful due to the acid from the fruit. I know the Great Physician is at work and I just ask that you all would come in agreement with me for the Lord to strengthen Dad, mininstering to HIM and as HE draws him near that my Dad would long to know and accept JESUS! I love each of you and thankyou as you come before the Lord on my Dads behalf, it humbles me so!

Love and blessings to you all!