Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A new note from Dad

I just wanted to update you all on Dad and share the note he wrote this past Sunday. I shared with you all yesterday that hearing his voice on the phone he sounded much better. He is still taking it slow and steady and for this I am VERY grateful. Dad has always been a work-a-holic :) So for him to realize that he needs to take it slow is HUGE!!

I am trusting that JESUS is continuing to WOO Dad closer and closer and that Dad will receive HIM as his Saviour! I am standing on HIS Word that it is HIS will and that WILL ~ will be done! Thankyou again for your continued prayers and thankyou for being a part of the miracle that Dad is still here after all his body has endured!

An update from Doug:
I apologize for the time I’ve been away. As you will see, the ordeal with the blood clots in my lungs and leg took its toll on me. Last week, I was very weak and used oxygen for a lot of the week. Fortunately, I am feeling better and able to take some steps to make things even better.

I said this the last time I wrote, but I had no idea how serious the clots were or how dangerous my situation was. My situation was discussed several times this week as every doctor emphasized how fortunate I was – meaning that I am lucky to be alive. According to the doctors I saw this week, they were all amazed I am still alive. I knew it was serious – I just didn’t know how serious!

I can recall two occasions during the past 8 weeks when I had serious chest pains. I’m now convinced that those two occasions were when the clots passed through my heart and went to my lungs. Both occasions were very painful – the first occasion was late one night shortly after the radiation started and the last was two weeks ago – the day I went to the Mayo emergency room. On both occasions, I knew that I was experiencing something abnormal. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t know that what I was going through was life-threatening.

Two weeks ago, after I checked into the hospital, every doctor I saw reminded me how lucky I was. One doctor even came into my room and said that it was standard operating procedure, but she wanted to know if I wanted to be resuscitated if my heart stopped. I thought that was an odd question – given I had just checked into my room. I’m pretty sure they don’t asked every patient that question. Looking back, this was another indication of how serious my situation was.

Anyway, in response to her question, I told her that I did want to be resuscitated - I just don’t want to be kept functioning using a machine – not to breathe, not to keep my heart going, not to maintain my brain function, or anything else like that. I want to be resuscitated if they can start whatever stopped without leaving me on some machine that performs a function that one of my organs should perform.

Enough of that…

The best news this week is that they ran an MRI on my brain. The news is the three spots on my brain are under control – one spot is completely gone and the other two are smaller and are expected to vanish in a month or two. Both Barbie and I are thrilled with the news!

Another bit of good news – I started feeling better this past Monday. I regained some of my strength and was able to reduce my dependence on the oxygen. Best of all, my sore throat showed improvement and I started eating more regular food with a minimum of pain. As an example of how much better my throat is, I ate two tacos! Ah, Mexican food!

My oncologist said that I will not receive any more chemotherapy treatments until things stabilize. She wants me to gain weight – I’ve lost about 30 pounds. I hadn’t eaten well for about 4 weeks because my throat was sore and nothing tasted good. That has all changed this past week. I’m eating almost everything placed in front of me.

I would say that things are finally getting a little better. I sense that where I am now is going to require a longer recovery period. I’ve finally been beaten into submission enough that I am willing to take things slowly and ease back into daily activities. I have been sedentary for so long that I need to build up my strength and that is going to take some time, As I said, I am willing to go slow and to do whatever I need to do. One Day at a Time!

A while ago, Kat suggested that maybe I should ask you all to send cards or a note to my dad to let him know you are praying for him and I think now is a great time to ask you all if you feel led to do this. I know my Dad is humbled by the amount of people praying for him but I also know when you get something in writing it just moves you that much more!

If you all want to send him a note or a card his address is:

Doug Woods
4000 State Road 16
St Augustine, FL 32092

Love and blessings to you all! Thank each one of you for your prayers, love, support and encouragement!