Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday's Musings

The weekend brought us Much Joy, Some Excitement, Warm (a high of 88'!! we tied the record that was set in 1965! WOW) and Oh SO VERY WINDY Weather and some Cherished Family time!

We had asked if our grand-daughter Rylee could come and spend the night with us not just so we could see her but to give her a little one on one time. Sooo, Saturday evening Jenna was at work and Jantzen had gone to see a movie with his friends so we were able to really have some one on one time with Rylee! We took her to the park and played, watched the ducks and her favorite is the swing! She could swing for hours on end if you let her

Swinging away

Rylee and I watching the ducks swim in the pond ~ she was just mesmerized!

We started a new series at Church titled "WEIRD ~ BECAUSE NORMAL ISN'T WORKING ANYMORE" Pastor Craig Groeschel has written a book and this is going to be yet another AWESOME SERIES!!

Mid-day Sunday we heard a horrible sound. We ran outside to see what it was and saw a HUGE tree laying on the ground. The wind was blowing so incredibly hard but we had no idea it was that bad! WE COULDN'T BELIEVE OUR EYES! There on the ground was a 40 FOOT TREE! Gone just like that! We pulled it to the firewood pile and will be chopping it up for next winter :)

Shortly after this happened our oldest daughter came over with our grandson and we spent the day together as a family. We sat outside enjoying the warm air & had dinner together. Jenna had to leave to go to work around 7. She works at a place that serves frozen yogurt in which you can choose your own toppings and let me tell ya....IT IS DELICIOUS!! So we ended our day by going to have some delicious yogurt! Was a perfect ending to a very perfect day!

How about you guys? How was your weekend? Hope you all have a blessed week!