Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spiritual Sundays- those who are suffering

Each week Charlotte and Ginger host this amazing blog. It blesses me to read others posts and to see the Heart of God in so many! Please go visit here

A few weeks ago my friend Sandy who also participates in this blog sent me a package of goodies that I won in her blogaversary. One of those gifts was a devotional book titled "31 Days of Prayer." Today I would like to share one of those prayers as I felt the Lord nudging me to do so this week as I read many posts this week of those who are in some really difficult situations and are hurting. They need a touch from the Lord! One I just want to share because she is such a Dear friend and I love her so much. Mary from Pile of Smiles has asked for prayer. Please join me in lifting her up to the LORD! I know the Lord will do amazing things when we join together for her and many others who need HIM! One other I would like to ask for is my brother Tony. I won't go into details but the Lord knows exactly what he needs! Thank you so much for lifting these up to Throne Room....with great expectations!

Now, back to the prayer :)
"Pray for those who are suffering"

Father, I rejoice in You as the FAther of deep empathies, who comforts and encourages us. I need this so often, and so do millions of others in Your family and outside. How little I really feel the wrenching sorrows and hopelessness of people as YOU do. Stir my heart , Lord. In new ways make me ~ and all YOUR children ~ channels of Your love and compassion, spending ourselves in both prayer and action for those who suffer.

Lord, help those who are suffering. Again and again meet their needs ~ physical, financial, emotional, spiritual. Through their pain or loss or trouble, make them aware of how much they need YOU. Then draw them to YOU as their Savior and Shepherd ~ and their Lord. Comfort them in their anguish, their pain, their depression, their despair. Deliver them.

I pray especially for Your people who are going through intense persecution, torture, imprisonment. Help them and their families to lean hard on YOU, and give them supernatural strength. Protect them, encourage them, and uphold them. Provide for their every need. Make YOur Presence unspeakably real to them.

Give you joy to those who suffer, Put a new song of praise in their mouth, so that many will hear what You've done and put their trust in YOU.

May you all have a blessed weekend my dear friends