Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

O0h how I love Thankful Thursdays. I can sit and read some of the Thankful posts and just cry for the Goodness of the Lord just consumes me. Today has been one of those days! As I sit in the quiet and see outside of my window the beautiful colors of Fall and the precious Deer that are grazing along through my backyard and the squirrels attempting to eat the seed from the beautiful and oh so colorful variation of birds ~ I am just amazed at my FAther.

Today we are encouraged to share the things that make us go hmmmm. I'll be honest ~ that would be a post for my Husband because he is a deep thinker as all melancholies are. They look at something like The Grand Canyon and say hmmm, How did the Lord do this. Or how about when the Lord was a pillar of Cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night (Ex 13:21) that seriously makes me go hmmmm. What about manna falling from the sky ~ isn't that awesome! but really don't you just wanna say hmmm to that?? I could go on and on !!! We serve a MIGHT GOD who is STILL IN THE "HMMM" er I mean MIRACLE making business today!! I am so thankful to have a relationship with HIM, to know HIM, to share my heart with HIM, to lay my burdens at HIS feet, to see HIS Goodness and His amazing work that makes us go HMMMM.

I would encourage you today to spend some time quieting your mind, your heart and allow HIM to speak to you. Remind yourself of the amazing things He IS, or has done. For you or in HIS Word! I promise you will be Moved, Encouraged, and mostly you will be Thankful

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Love and Blessings