Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Lord has heard our prayer

It was the month of May and I was driving along when my cell phone rang. It was my stepmom and she told me that I needed to call my dad. I could tell it was serious and Instantly I became frightened. I called my daddy and he shared the devestating news with me.

"Loren, we aren't sure but most likely I have lung cancer. My regular doctor found a tumor and we have appointments with Mayo clinic to begin testing." I asked what had brought this about ~ had he been sick, why did he go to the doctor. I talked to my dad regularly and he never sounded sick. He shared that he had just had this nagging cough for about 3 months and after quite a few tests and xrays they couldn't find anything wrong but after doing this particular test they found a pretty good size tumor."

As you can imagine we were all devestated. During the time of receiving this news my mother-in-law was in and out of the hopsital with her own issues. She was a smoker, she was on oxygen and she went into the hospital this time we knew it was serious. My husband and I had some really good talks with her, sharing our hearts, asking her about certain issues and we knew the Lord was preparing the way for her to come home. We lost her shortly after that. Within 10 days of losing her, we recevied confirmation that my dad did have lung cancer and the kids and I loaded up the car and drove to Florida and I was able to spend most of my summer here with my dad. He was strong and healthy while receiving his chemo and although we initally found out the cancer had metastisized into his brain they were able to radiate those spots immediately and for all practical purposes things were going well.

In mid November we had yet another round of bad news. The cancer had spread into Dads liver but the Dr. was hopeful that trying a new chemo would take care of that. It didn't. The cancer continued to grow and spread. She offered one last chemo medication and upon receiving 2 of the 3 rounds my Dad was diagnosed with pneumonia. This brought my brother and I out here and it is where we remain today.

From the beginning I began blogging about my dads journey. My dad also found Facebook. He was reconnected with many friends from his highschool days along with friends he had back in California. It was so also a place for my dad to share his journey with us. He wrote us notes and shared his heart, his determination, his fight, and he inspired us all.

Through all of this I wanted healing for my dad but even before this I was praying and asking for Salvation. I know there were others out there who have even asked that my dad not be taken until I knew and had peace that dad had received Salvation.
There have been numerous times during this visit that I had moments in which I was pleading with the Lord, asking HIM ~ is this when I am suppose to say something Lord? Is it now Lord? What do you want me to say? How do I approach it?
I never received a release.

You all know that our plans were to take Dad home to Oklahoma to see his mom. My nana. Well, we were discharged from the Hospital yesterday late afternoon. We got daddy home and we were making plans to reserve the RV and to finish the radiation treatments. Overnight my dad took another bad turn. His oxygen levels dropped low just by sitting up and we all had to make the difficult decision not to travel with him. As the day progressed and different plans were being to bring my nana here. Bless my husbands heart ~ He is driving to Missouri to pick her up and then flying out here with her. She trusts him completely. As I have shared with you all before she is 88 and her health is very frail as well. She weighs less the 78! But she has agreed to come!

So today I was taking my daddys temp. It was so high the thermometer wouldn't read ~ it just flshed HI HI HI HI HI. I sat down beside my dad and asked him if he was talking to Jesus. He said "When I am sleeping I am" I said "you are? you wanna talk to him some more?" He said "no, not right now" I said Daddy do you want to ask him into your heart? He opened his eyes, reached out for my hand and patted it and said "OH honey, I have... I have mucho times" It was all so natural, not planned, not ME.... just the LORD!

I have to tell you that immediately after that I went to the bedroom and Thanked the Lord for the gift of hearing and knowing that my daddy will meet his Savior and that he does in fact have his Eternal passport. I CAN'T THANK EACH ONE OF YOU ENOUGH FOR YOUR PRAYERS ON THIS JOURNEY!!

The Lord heard each one of you and I know that your prayers, your cards, your love, support, comments, notes all played a role in that decision that he made.

My Nana will arrive on Tues. and because this is my Daddy's only see his mom we are praying he will hold on until he sees her. I believe he will and for now I am enjoying every precious second with my daddy but the Peace that has covered me on this day is a gift. While the pain is no less ~ losing your daddy is the hardest thing but knowing he will be in the arms on Jesus ........I can't even begin to tell you what a gift it is.

I love you all and as Kat said tonight ~ One day we will all have a big party in heaven together because you have all played a role in his being there

Thankyou all so much for placing the prayer request on your Facebook pages or your own blogs! I can't even describe what that means to me or to him!

Love and Blessings