Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Happy Wednesday - This week is going sooo slow. I know it is because my honey is gone. You know when you miss someone and it seems like everywhere you go you see a look alike car/truck, or maybe smell their cologne. OMG, for me, I have seen my husbands truck everywhere! It's like all drivers of a white chevy silverado truck were told to teleport straight to my location! LOL

I am still going to the gym and loving it. We will be doing another Weightloss Challenge beginning May 1st and go til the 31st. Maybe I can get this remaining 14 lbs. GONE!! Now that Spring is here, I am right back into the schedule of going to the gym and immediately when I get home I go outside and water my flowers and deadhead all of the ones that need it. I have been planting quite a bit as well. We have had so much rain these past few weeks and of course the trees, flowers, and roses are all just LOVING it!! :) So, when I walked to the front of my house, yesterday after workout, I was JUST AMAZED at all the blooms!! I knew I just HAD to share them with you guys!

Can you tell I like my sign ?? heehee :)

All of our Roses are Double knock out roses! I just Love them! I purchased two white ones a couple of weeks ago but they are still so small compared to these so I didn't take a pic of them BUT, I really think they will end up being my favorite!! The white roses are just STUNNING!!!!