Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It appears to be an epidemic lately and it is affecting Christians and non-Christians alike.

What does this say about us(Christians)...what does it say about the church? and what does it say to those who are not in the church when they see this happening?

When my husband and I were in year 12 of our marriage let's just say the cracks of our life, our marriage became wider and wider and we began the journey to wholeness individually and together as husband and wife. Here is the thing...We attended Church, We knew the Word, We LOVED THE LORD but yet we are human and were walking in sin every single day but it came to a point that we knew we needed help. We had actually cried out early on in our marriage to our pastor and he looked at us after hearing our "issues" and said "on a scale of 1 - 10 you guys are about a 6 or 7 and you will be fine." WHAT?? EXCUSE ME?? There was no guidance, no true help so we continued until life became unbearable and years later, God connected us to a LifeCoach. We had no idea what we were in for... NONE but let me tell you this....She loved us, she taught us and she pointed us to God. She helped us to dig deep (I MEAN DEEP!!!) She did not call herself a counselor and we could not call her in the midst of ANY storm to settle things because that was Gods job. She said we had all of the answers within and together with the Holy Spirit and with each other all things would be revealed. It has truly been a journey and honestly what I am going to say is going to shock some and maybe even step on some toes. For that I am sorry....I asked the Lord to guide my words today and checked my motive...But this thing called infidelity is so rampant in Gods people right now that I just have to ask....WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH IT? What is missing in so many, that they CHOOSE to "look elsewhere?" I will tell you..... it's FEAR of ....Pain...Truth.... Selfishness....taking off their masks. It is rooted in their pasts, abandonment issues, fear of rejection~ some deal with this on a daily basis at home or work. Am I excusing this behavior? Absolutely NOT! Am I sharing a different perspective...Yes.

How then,can we help these people who are struggling with these issues? We Love them. We don't judge them. (not our job) We speak the truth in love to them. We walk with them daily. We point them to Jesus and we pray for them. We listen and we love. If they ask ~ we can help them to be accountable. When they are humble, broken and willing & looking within they will honestly tell you they knew it was wrong and I have seen it & experienced it ...This humility almost always allows God to heal their wounds and restores them to Himself. It purifies them to wholeness, sealing the cracks in their hearts & minds. He walks them through the pains of their childhood that have caused them to get to this point. He breaks off the generational curses so that they can walk as an Oak of righteousness and will no longer be bound to the sins of the father (per se.)

You know I might add "infidelity" can come in the form of work, sports, ministry,
computer etc. It's not always found in the form of someone elses arms or mind.

So many times when this situation occurs, the person who has been "cheated on" gets all the support and RIGHTFULLY SO, THEY NEED IT! but here me on this one....It takes two people to get to this point. Most of the time (seriously MOST) the person who has put their attention, affection, or time elsewhere did not SET OUT to do this and needs help and support just as much as the other one. These people are crying out and don't really even have any idea how quickly things can escalate and before they know it they are caught in the middle of the biggest trap of the enemy (a trap I might add, that is not just for them but also for their children if they have them)but if they had been honest with themselves and/or their spouse on the very first thought, or look or whatever it was that took them down that wrong path things could be soo different but the world inundates them saying "it's ok" and unfortunately MOST (not all) churches don't even "go there" or if they do it's clearly just in judgement form stating the facts..."It just wrong," Not wanting to get to the root of the why's.

Reforming and Restoring is the heart of our Father and His son...Our Saviour, He also gave us the Holy Spirit who will lead us into all truth when we let Him (& not our feelings) lead and guide us. He looks at our hearts and sees the wounds and longs to heal them. He disciplines those He loves and this issue definately calls for discipline but when that person is humbled and willing & allows or embraces the Lords discipline, it brings about a true Love of the Father that otherwise would have been lost. Lost not only to them, but to future generations as well.

I know there are those that choose to stay living in this sin and the pain and scars it gives to those who are left behind to pick up the pieces and wonder daily, how or why this happened, my heart goes out to each and everyone and especially the children who clearly have no idea but are left in a situation of divorce or separation. Some suffer with living then in a home of bittness, unforgiveness and pain & IF the person doesn't know the Lord or can't find that place of forgiveness, it is even worse. I was a child of this epidemic called infidelity and know the devastation and the havoc that it causes. I grew up and did the same thing, but because of Gods grace and the hard work that He so graciously allowed me to do, the strength and love He has provided me with has given me a compassion for all involved

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

For Today...April 28, 2009

Outside my window... cooled off ALOT and cloudy

I am thinking... how rampant the enemy is trying to destroy sooo many marriages right now

I am thankful for... authentic relationships and that I serve a Heavenly Father who can restore and redeem every single one of us if we will let HIM

From the kitchen... I am making Chicken and rice soup and I laugh because it has been so warm but today there is a chill in the air....A GREAT day for some soup, maybe the last pot of the season

I am wearing...pj bottoms and a hoodie

I am reading... Misplacing God and finding Him again, 1 Samuel and Psalms

I am hoping... that my friends and their marraiges, their hearts and lives can be healed.

I am praying... for each and everyone of them

Around the house... working diligently so that I can participate in the neighborhood garage sale this weekend

One of my favorite things... Oh how my children make me laugh!

A few plans for the rest of the week... lunch with a mentor tomorrow, continuing to clean out rooms, closets, etc and just hearing God so that I can love, encourage and be there for the women I love that are hurting right now.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...


Monday, April 27, 2009

I have found a new blog that I Love, and who knows maybe a new friend as well :)
Her name is SarahMae and on Mondays she always has a post to motivate her readers and encourages us to do the same so here we go. It is Spring time ~ The season of Hope, All things are NEW, flowers blooming, trees budding, and the birds are singing. God gives us seasons in our lives as well. It's a good thing because He knew that we couldn't go on and on doing or feeling the same thing/way all the time.
He gave us variety in many forms and in our lives He gave us seasons....His timing is always right on (ok, maybe for us we might think He could hurry up sometimes but...) for me this season is all about Listening and truly seeing the fabric of His Will woven into my daily life and relationships and amazed and how He puts people together to accomplish that Will. Life is a Dance and sometimes the steps are different as well as the partners. But for me, everyday If I ALLOW HIM to, He will use me to help, love or encourage someone and He will Use that particular person or blog to encourage me IN HIM. I love it! and I LOVE HIM.

For other motivational posts go to

Monday ~ Spaghetti, salad and chiabatta rolls
Tuesday ~Chicken and rice soup, cornbread
Wednesday ~ Grilled chicken salad
Thursday ~ Tacos, beans and rice
Friday ~ preparing for garage sale...NOT COOKING :p

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Handyman

This past weekend we had our family meeting and was preparing for the week and just planning the menu and felt the Lord prompt me in doing a week of "Crockpot" dinners. Ok~ I thought. This was a new idea and since I had soo much to do around the house it sounded perfect but what I didn't know and the Lord DID has just been such a sweet kiss it seems from Him to me. You see, this week we have been Hit or some would agree ATTACKED by the enemy. Let me explain....

Tuesday afterschool when I picked up Jantzen up from school he said he wasn't feeling well and by the evening he was running a fever. When Jantz is sick he likes me to be right by his side (literally) and usually doesn't sleep real well. So we got up the next morning and stuck some cinnamon rolls into the oven and 20 min. later they were still cold and the oven wasn't working GRRR!!! So as I am going throughout the day and preparing my crockpot dinner It struck me.....The Lord KNEW that we would not have an oven for a few days this week and spoke to me to do crockpot dinners everyday!!! Wow! How exciting it is to know that he cares so much even down to the details of dinners for our week to let me HEAR HIM. We had some really warm days this week and actually had to turn on the air conditioner! But the second night it didn't seem to be cool in the house and no one really slept well because it was so warm so by Friday with Jantzen still sick I really needed to get out of the house and we spent the day with my mom in Tulsa. Went to see "the Soloist" (good movie) and had lunch and when we got home it was 77 degrees inside!! HOly cow! We were going out to spend the evening with our friends the Taulmans :) for the first Friday Fellowship so Brian didn't have time to fix it right away. We had such a wonderful time and met a new family and saw some old friends we hadn't seen in years and my jaws were SORE from laughing sooooo much! It was just AWESOME how the Lord was there and I truly can't wait to see the fruit from these new and growing friendships the He TRULY has blessed Brian and I with. We had intended to leave early so that he could get to fixing the a/c but just had too much fun to leave so when we got home he began to tackle the problem and of course He conquered it and we woke up to a cool home on Sat.

As I sat in my quiet time this morning I was just so humbled at how the Lord blessed me this week and to see how much he cares for us even in the minute details of our lives! I thank God that he has given me a husband who can do soooo many things around the house that literally saved us ALOT of money had we needed to call someone to fix the oven or fix the a/c but also how he has grown spiritually as well. I am a blessed woman and humbled to the core!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Self Entitlement

Flip Flops Really Lord?

I have never blogged about this because honestly I don't believe it! I was diagnosed with Lupus almost 2 Years ago. I have been through year and years of testing and on the last stint in the hospital (10 days worth) I had EVERY test possible known to woman. SERIOUSLY! Well, when I left the hospital guess what?! I still didn't know why I was there OR what was WRONG with me??? But I did know that I had been on some SERIOUS pain killers for all that time and the withdraws were about enough to get me, OMG. Well, the only one who continued to seek answers was my primary care Dr. and he had me come in for more blood work....EXCUSE ME, HOW COULD THERE BE MORE??? I literally had a BIBLE SIZE NOTEBOOK of tests of any kind you can imagine and more doctors than any person should have but ok I'll come in to do more work. He told me at that point after receiving the results that he "thought" I might have Lupus and referred me to a Rheumatologist. Ok, so we see her for less than a year and she put me on Prednisone and other medication to control the pain and inflamation but after gaining 40 lbs on the prednisone and honestly NOT seeing any real change of my symptoms we decided to just ask the Lord what He would have for us to do. We heard Him directing us to a Naturopath Chiropractor that we had worked with over the years and decided that I would stop taking the Prednisone and stop seeing the Rheumatologist completely and go ONLY to our precious Little Dr. T. (He is the chiropractor) Well, Dr T. immediately changed my diet, put me on a cleanse and I began to see & feel immediate changes within my body. The changes in diet have proven to be very effective but he also explains that certain things in our body are also due to our emotions, or toxins. (hello hair products, color, spray, you name it I was using, or applying it) One of the hardest things for me has been that He says that I need to wear SHOES WITH INSERTS in them to give me the extra support. This means NO FLIP FLOPS! OK, well this in fine in winter but HELLO-----not in the spring/summer! :(

I am really seeing how much I ~ dare I say it....REBEL! When we feel better we tend to not always finish out the antibiotic, or to continue doing what we know is good for us etc. When I feel better I even will go off of my diet until woops I literally feel the inflammation inside my body! Then how quickly the Lord in His grace AGAIN reminds me to OBEY!!! But the other day I went to Dr T. (thank goodness I am only going every other week now) and He pulled my flip flops off and said "Now, Loren aren't you suppose to wear SHOES all the time?" Why yes, Dr T. I am but you know it's spring and I LOVE MY FLIPFLOPS! Well, he says How do you feel when you where them all the time? HMMMM, If I am honest, not really that good. So I leave there and head to Sams to get my 5 cases of water for the week and the Lord clearly speaks to me.....(why at the store, or Sams is it that we can hear Him so clearly I'll never know) Loren, "To obey is better than sacrifice" I am sorry Father I know you want what is best for me and I am not obeying you forgive me for wanting to look cute and wear flipflops! To show off my pedicured feet. To not look or feel like a DWEEB in the tennis shoes with socks and capris UGH! I hate it Lord but I AM SORRY!
I know my daughter I know! Again His Love and Forgiveness washes all over me. Father,.... ? Yes.... Please show me where else I am rebelling....Til the ground Lord and make me like YOU, renew in me a steadfast Spirit, an undivided Heart! Help me to Obey. "I am with you ALWAYS" "MY STRENGTH IS MADE PERFECT IN YOUR WEAKNESS."
Thankyou Abba, Thankyou.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Outside my window... For now it is a bit cloudy with a slight chill but warming

I am thinking... about lunch with my friend asking God to heal her wounds and brokenness

I am thankful for... My family! My step-parents who at times in my life we didn't get along but I see now how God has used them for my good. I am thankful for the gift of Forgiveness.

From the kitchen... Its Crockpot week! Today Chicken and Rice

I am wearing... still in jammies for just a bit longer :)

I am reading... Jesus LifeCoach and 1 Samuel

I am hoping... to get all the closets switched out this week

I am creating...Jantzens book for school (helping)

I am praying...continuing prayer for Friends and their marriages

Around the house... It's Spring so that means, organizing, working in the yard!

One of my favorite things... sitting outside with the kids and swinging on the porch swing

A few plans for the rest of the week... lunch with Michelle, the landscape guy coming to rescue our front flowerbeds! and Friday with MOM :)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you..

Found this litl guy nabbing our dog food late last night :)

Monday, April 20, 2009


My friend Nicole introduced me to yet another awesome idea! She has created a "Pay it forward" blogging chain. The first 5 people to comment on her blog will receive a gift from her over the course of the next year but in order to be one of the lucky recipients they too had to do the same ....Pay It forward. Well, I love the Pay It Forward Idea and would like to do the same thing!

Soooo, The first five people who leave me a comment on THIS POST will receive something from me during this next year! but PLEASE if you decide to join in on the fun PROMISE to follow through with your commmitment to PAY IT FORWARD!

I look "forward" to seeing how God arranges all of this and the fun way He will bring this to pass!

Let the JOY of blessing others and paying it forward BEGIN!

Menu plan for McGhees this week:


I love the first full week of sun and warm weather and here it is!! Last night, I was sharing a memory of my youth with Jantzen...My dad had a rule that I could not go barefoot until the temperature gauge hit 80*. Funny isn't it, anyway.... Break out the short sleeves, flip flops, spring clean and change out closets so since we have 80 degree days coming this week I want to have alot of time to get things done or have time for friends, family and my yard this week sooo...It's CROCKPOT WEEK:

MONDAY ~ roast, potato, and carrots

TUESDAY ~ chicken and rice

WEDNESDAY ~ asian pork chops new recipe from Cindy Beall

THURSDAY ~ dripped beef sandwiches

FRIDAY ~ pork tips and noodles

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What Makes A House A HOME?

This is my first BLOG contest to enter and what a FUN way to begin....

Hmmmm, What does make a house a HOME??

For me.....

#1 Our Heavenly Father....Our Chief Cornerstone....Our Foundation


My husband is a coffee FREAK! He IS also GADGET GUY and had to have this particular coffee pot...the ONLY one that heats the coffee to the exact temperature that coffee SHOULD be brewed at. So he saved up for this coffee pot and every Tuesday he goes to a coffee house in Tulsa called DOUBLESHOT and purchases a pound a fresh roasted beans! He also purchased the grinder that is recommended so that he can get the same flavor that he does at Doubleshot. We all drink coffee in the morning and each have our own "special" coffee cup and way we like it. Brian makes us each a cup and brings it to us before he leaves for the day....we appreciate it soo much!

#3 Our Fireplace ~ We LOVE a woodburning fireplace. As soon as there is the SLIGHTEST chill in the fall air we are begging to "have a fire." We had our friend and architect come over when we were building our house and draw our fireplace for the mason, He did an amazing job! Then we were blessed with this wooden beam as the mantle from him. In Oklahoma, we have really cold winters and when we had the ice storm in 08' This was our saving grace because we had NO electricty for 7 days! We had the fire going the whole time, we gathered here, played games, talked, prayed, as the fire crackled and the peace and warmth allowed us to truly appreciate all of Gods blessings in spite of the circumstances.

#4 Our living room ~ This is where you will find us most of the time, we have our family meetings here, we read together, watch our favorite shows and movies...we laugh, we cry and yes we chat to each other on Facebook with our laptops on each of our laps. No we don't have 4 so we take turns :) We hear each others hearts, we worship the Lord together in this room and watch His hand on each one of us as He teaches us in His Word the plans that He has for us. This is also where you will find us rocking and playing with our new precious grandaughter Rylee Nicole. On occasion you may find us with the music cranked up singing and dancing a jig!

#5 ~ Our conversation Nook....

This is One of my most favorite places to be. This is where you will find my husband and I on most every Saturday morning and in the evening after he has had a long day at work or maybe a friend and I on any given afternoon before school is out sharing our hearts with one another. Some days the windows will be open letting in the warm Spring air or on other days you will feel the warmth of the fireplace and the wonderful aroma of coffee brewing but whatever the atmosphere it is always a place to sit and share.

#6 Prayer closet ~ When my husband and I found the Lord in 1992 I found yet another love..."prayer warrior." Spending time in the Lords presence has been so many things....a safe haven, a battleground pleading for lives of loved ones, friends, family members or marriages that are broken, and some times just a quiet place to be still and know.
No matter where we have lived I have a prayer closet and no matter where I go He is with me!

#7 Our pets ~ Tyson is our "Schnorkie" a schnauzer-yorkie. He was our Christmas puppy in 08. We also have 3 cats who have been with us for a long time. Each has his own story. Pongo, came on a rainy fall day just a TINY kitten meowing down the street crying out to be rescued. He had his sister by his side so we took them both in. We named her Perdy but a few yrs later a teenager accidently hit and took our precious Perdy. Pongo was really mourning the loss of his sister as were we so we began to pray and ask the Lord for another kitty who was as sweet and fun as Perdy.
We were pretty specific in our requests and even about the day we would find her. On our 10th anniversary we went away for the weekend and the day we were returning to pick up the kids, we had told them that we would get our new kitty. We set out not knowing how when or where we would find her. But we went to Petsmart in Tulsa to look and shared with an employee what we were looking for. One requirement was that she would be free! Well they didn't have any kitties that fit our description but the lady said "Come back here with me and let me show you someone" We went back and in this cage was a Huge kitten (actually 1 yr old) and as they let her out she immediately rolled over to play. She had been brought there by her owner to be de-clawed and spayed and they never picked her up so she had been living there. I asked "how much" they would want for her and she looked at us and said "If you would just give her a good home she is FREE" I asked for a moment with my husband and both of us KNEW at that very moment that not only had God brought us everything we had asked for but she was spayed, declawed and HELLO....FREE!! We picked up our kids and told them how the Lord Heard our prayers and answered us with more than we asked for! Then we got Cooper. He thinks he is a dog! He is the friendliest cat in the neighborhood and loves to gives head butt kisses!

#8 ~ Trampoline

We love our trampoline and it serves many purposes. Exercise for our kids or the many kids in our neighborhood. We also lay on it together as a family on summer nights to look at the stars, or just to talk while we listen to the musical symphony of frogs, locusts, or even the far off (I hope) coyotes that live in the canyon behind our house.

#9 ~ Kids!!! Lots and Lots of Kids! Any age will do. We love to have children here playing, laughing, running around crazy or being still and watching a movie. Playing a loud game of Nertz and eating all that we have in our pantry. Popping popcorn or making brownies and fighting over who gets to lick the bowl and spoon. They fill our hearts with joy and laughter. My husband always teases me...."He says, Honey you always said you wanted to have the house where all the kids in the neighborhood hung out" Well... You got your wish!

Last but most important to me that makes a house a home is LOVE, ALOT of understanding, compassion and forgiveness and a whole lot of teamwork! To me, our home is a training ground for life. We learn to love and appreciate one another, to respect each other and to help one another in this world and to remind ourselves this is a temporary place...Our real home is filled with streets of gold, a mansion that is being prepared even now. A place where we will have all the time we want to sit at His feet, to ask all the questions that we have been saving and to meet all the people that we read about and want to know!! Abraham, Esther and Paul to name a
few! Until then, this dwelling that the Lord has blessed us with is....Our home.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Life is so funny and God is even funnier! I have been on this quiet journey over this past year....Just digging deep into my walk with the Lord and Him pouring out His love for me and strengthing me in who I am in Him. Lest I say that when you begin a journey with God, they aren't always lonely but in this case....He truly had pulled all the props from my life....

I worked in a salon for 4 years and previous to that I was in my home doing hair for 6 years. I am a sanguine so being around people for me is NECESSARY!! :) So I literally mourned my not working and it hurt so much not talking to my clients...I didn't call them, they didn't call me and both were doing it out of respect for the other not wanting the make each other feel bad...I was home day in day out....but slowly and surely the time that I spent in the Word, and in prayer and in the Presence of my Heavenly Father I found myself strengthened, with a new sense of assurance, I found a new ministry and low and behold I have found new friends. One of which is the reason that I BLOG. Her name is Nicole. It is the weirdest thing...she and I used to be neighbors, our sons were pretty good friends and even spent the night with each other but for whatever reason Nicole and I just didn't connect at that point in our lives. Now our children don't even see each other but through the Lord He has brought us together and she has encouraged, inspired and brought me out of some serious comfort zones OMG!! She has helped me start this blog and I must say I enjoy this so much and has truly made me actually take pictures of my family. I am NOT a scrapbooker, never wanted to be but now hmmmm, the idea is tempting. You see, all of this was due to my continual mindset of "I DO NOT HAVE A CREATIVE BONE IN MY BODY" but bc of this blog and other project I have been inspired to do....I see that guess what???? I AM creative and I really LOVE the challenge and enjoyment I have gotten out of doing these things! So thankyou Nicole so very much for being such an inspiring woman and an amazing friend! For know, my kids may be wanting to get me for some of the pictures but in days ahead....I am pretty sure they will thank me for creating some precious memories whether they be in a book or in my blog. :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

For Today...APRIL 14, 2009

Outside my window...sunny, birds are singing and its finally warm HALLELUAH!!

I am thinking... How glad I am that I have done this Esther Bible study and look forward to the next study that Beth Moore does!

From the learning rooms... hmmm, I would have to say as a family it would be more and more of hearing God speak to us individually and collectively on His will for our lives

I am thankful for... my husband and the little things he does that shows me he loves me everyday!!

From the kitchen... its close to dinner time but it is so pretty outside so we have the door open and enjoying this absolutely beautiful day!

I am wearing... capri jeans, salmon and pink tshirt with salmon hoodie and my pink one star converse

I am reading...The end of Esther and Jesus Lifecoach

I am friends will allow the Lord to heal their broken hearts

I am creating... question

I am praying... for my Husband who has to lay off employees every day this week, for my friends and their marriages and for others to see and hear the voice of God

Around the house... I want to get outside and plant flowers, pick weeds :)

One of my favorite things... Jenna asked me to come eat lunch with her ...she said "mom all the other kids are embarassed of their parents but I love mine and am proud you are my mom!" sniff sniff...can I get a tissue??

A few plans for the rest of the week...getting my hair colored, Brians birthday and working doing anything OUTSIDE!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

I love these two sooo much!

Monday, April 13, 2009


MONDAY--Goulash, cornbread

TUESDAY--Grilled chicken and grilled veggies

WEDNESDAY--Blackened Chicken Alfredo

THURSDAY--French Bread Pizzas, salad

FRIDAY--Whatever my husband the BIRTHDAY BOY wants

Note: on Tuesday at Chick-Fil-A, all proceeds go to Autism speaks if you are interested :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend


What a busy, fun and really wonderful weekend! I hate it that Brian was not able to be a part of anything this weekend but that in itself is a praise report! His company has finally sold after literally two plus years, so of all weekends for this to happen we never dreamed it would have been Easter weekend. He spent literally everyday at work until 8-9 and this weekend worked until 7pm both days.

Saturday Jantz had a cooking class to attend at Savory Chef in Tulsa. They made steak tips (one of his all time favorite things!) twice baked potatoes, strawberry spinach salad and bonaffie pie...OH MY GOSH! Jantz brought Brian & I a piece of pie and potato. They were AMAZING!! We loved the pie so much that he made it to take to my moms for Easter. Jenna had to work all day on Saturday, so we dropped in to see her and pick up a few things using her employee discount.

Jantz has his own little business going....he started last wanting a video and because it was so close to Christmas, I said put it on your Christmas list. Well, he asked if he could raise the money himself could he buy it before then. "of course you can!" Well within two hours my son had gotten on the phone and taken orders to sell dog treats. He figured out how much he would sell them for and how many orders he would have to have to Pay for the game. It was amazing...He took orders, cooked, cleaned up after and we delivered those dog treats and within two days he had his game. Well now, he continues to get RE-orders! They have been building up and since I was going to be cooking for Easter I thought this might be a good time for him to do his dog treats. He had been making a list and we realized he had $100 worth or 20 orders to fill....ugh this meant 400 yes 400 dog treats to make!! Well, we worked together and had a pretty good system and he got it all done

After this we made his pie from cooking class and then the kids died eggs together! I feel so blessed that at 16 and 12 they still enjoy doing this!

Easter morning Brian had to leave out early for work AGAIN and so I got up and hid the eggs, cooked breakfast and because I ran out of energy the night before I had to make the chocolate sheet cake to take to my moms. It was nice spending time in the quiet and just feeling the Lords presence with me as I was thanking Him for his gift of Salvation, Forgiveness and overcoming death and giving me Eternity with Him! I woke up the kids with a joyful shout....HE IS ALIVE! HE IS ALIVE! COME DOWN AND CELEBRATE HIS RESURRECTION!! They both surprised me and were downstairs rather quickly and we ate breakfast hunted the eggs

Then we were off to my moms for dinner and family time! My mom always makes everything look so beautiful, taste so wonderful and we have sooo much fun with her and papa!

and here is moms table set up for us, I wish I had her gift!!

All in all it was a wonderful weekend! Today being Resurrection Sunday, spending time in prayer together we were just so humbled and words couldn't describe the gratefulness we felt for what Jesus did for Us! For ALL of US!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I found this on another blog today and posted it to mine! I hope it is ok to do that :)
May you all have a blessed and beautiful Easter and may you know fully the Love and sacrifice of our Lord and Saviour ....Jesus Christ. For He did this for me and for YOU!

I've Just Seen Jesus

The weight of that day was more than I could bear. I got up before the sun. The other Mary was tapping at the door early, but it felt late for the night was long. I couldn’t shut my eyes. When I did I could see Him hanging there, blood dripping from His head. Every time I closed my eyes I could feel His agony.

I wanted to lift Him off of there and run. There was plenty of time that afternoon to imagine the scenario. I would push the cross until it fell over. If it was stuck, there were plenty of His beloved to help me. John would pry out the nails. I wanted it to be a bad dream, but this nightmare was real.

My mind couldn’t comprehend the meaning. Why did He have to endure such humiliation and pain? He was the kindest person I knew. He was different from any other man. Something about the way He looked at me. He looked through me, like He knew my heart. And I believe He did, too.

We rushed, Mary and I, into the dawn. I pulled my shawl tight, not sure if my chill was from sorrow or the cool morning air. A reed from the basket dug into my hand as I walked, but I dared not loosen my grip. The spices and perfumes were costly. Thankfully, I had taken the time to wrap the jars, so they were protected during the brisk walk.

With just a hint of the sun’s rise, we arrived at the burial place. My heart fell as we approached the tomb. I feared someone else arrived first for the stone at the entrance was rolled completely away. No sooner than I stopped, I caught a flash of light above the stone. I raised my eyes afraid and uncertain. Mary beside me was silent.

I can never fully describe what we saw that day. An angelic being sat on top of the massive stone. His clothes were glowing white, and I had to half shut my eyes to look directly at him. Then he spoke to us, knowing exactly why we were there. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay. (Matt. 28:6 NIV) I walked to the entrance of the tomb in disbelief. Had He really done it? My answer was inside. It was empty. The tomb was empty, only grave clothes left behind. The angel told us to return to Christ’s disciples to tell them the news.

At first my feet wouldn’t move. The other Mary gave me a little shove on the back. “Go quick,” she said. We ran. I moved the basket up my arm so I could run faster. And then there He was. My Lord. One minute we were running, the next we were staring Him in the face. He was smiling. Smiling. Like He hadn’t been hanging on that cross just days before. For a second I was frozen in my spot. Then Mary moved beside me, and I came out of my trance to fall at His feet. I took one foot and Mary the other.

“This just can’t be,” I remember thinking until I opened my eyes and saw the hole in the foot just below my face. It really was my Lord. He can do anything! I raised my head to see His face, and I knew. Those eyes. His eyes pierced through my soul and the hair stood up on the back of my neck. I was looking at the Son of God.

We came straight here to inform you. He told us to come and find you and tell you the good news. He is alive! Just as He said, He came back from the grave. He is going ahead to meet you in Galilee. Don’t just stand there. Run! Christ, our Lord lives! Go and meet Him. He is waiting!

Go into all the world and preach the good news… Mark 16:15 NIV

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Releasing what you love

You know the old saying, "If you love something, let it go....If it comes back to you it is yours, if If doesn't it never was yours." Well I know that in Gods kingdom things are the exact opposite, ie; when you are last, you are first. When you humble yourself you will be exalted etc. This is a lesson I have experience for myself this past month....When a person ministers for Christ whether it be doing youth, street ministry, working with the elderly or with couples some would say "this is my ministry" or "I belong to this ministry". I have been known to say both. Most recently I labeled myself as a youth leader but we found ourselves in a situation where the Lord was nudging us into a whole new season and whole new ministry. It just about killed me when I thought I was "losing" my ministry and the kids that have been in our home for the past 2yrs. You see, our hearts were never set on leading youth but 2 yrs ago it was clear that that was an area in which the Lord wanted us to serve, to lead, impart and grow ourselves. It has been one of the most wonderful, fun and honestly stretching times in our life! We were so blessed to be a part of these kids lives and when Brian and I made the decision to accept the calling I was scared to death. I was petrified of teenagers SERIOUSLY!! PETRIFIED! But you see, this is how the Lord works...He tells us that His perfect Love will cast out all Fear and with each week that we met, or event that we attended and relationships that were built the Fear that was there was turned into a perfect healing and complete JOY! in my heart to be with these kids. They taught me sooo much more than I could have ever dreamed! To watch them grow in their gifts, to see their hearts worship and love the Lord and each other has been one of the greatest gifts I will ever receive. So when I heard the Lord saying it was time to release them I will be very honest....I fought, I cried, I got angry but the Lord in His infinite mercy and grace waited for me to throw my fit and in His tender way reminded me of my hearts desire....That is work with people who are in troubled marriages. In Gods kingdom, when you let go of something that He is telling you to, He will only open the doors wider to another path, One that will glorify Him and stretch you ....YET AGAIN!

this is just our girls.....all that we love and adore!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For Today...

Outside my window... the sun is shining and will be warmer with each hour that passes

I am thinking... about so many marriages that are under attack and praying for them to be restored

I am thankful for... being able to watch my husband be an amazing grandpa this past weekend. I fell completely in love with him in a whole new way!

From the kitchen... I ended up not cooking because my mom took all the grandkids to dinner and a movie tonight.....what a treat for everyone!

I am wearing... jeans and my pink hoodie tshirt with my pink one star converse

I am reading... Esther & The Lord will Provide

I am hoping... I can begin to lose weight and start tanning again. I disgust myself.

I am hearing... silence, for the first time all day!

Around the house... I need to get the office organized and start spring cleaning

One of my favorite things... knowing more and more and Gods love for me

A few plans for the rest of the week... doing hair tomorrow, bible study and time with Nicole on Thursday and Easter this weekend!!!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

This is my precious grandaughter Rylee Nicole. She brings amazing joy to our lives and I am so blessed to be her NONI.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Monday- Taco Soup, bread
Tuesday- Chicken Enchiladas, rice and beans
Wednesday- Turkey Patties, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole
Thursday- Grilled chicken salad
Friday- any leftovers you can find in fridge ;)

Hope all have a blessed week! and a wonderful Easter


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Outside my window...
The sun is shining, wind is howling and it is still chilly

I am thinking...
How God cares for me and the Special ways He has shown me this past month

I am thankful for...
New Friendships
Seeing God move in the area of Forgiveness in my parents

From the kitchen...
I love watching the birds of all different colors eating our of their different feeders

I am wearing...
my pajama bottoms, and hoodie

I am reading...
John 15, Jesus Lifecoach, and Esther

I am hoping...
to have a good meeting with my Lifecoach tomorrow

I am hearing...
so many things that break my heart of marriages separating right now and praying for all of them to not give up!

One of my favorite things...
Just being with my children, I know some roll their eyes at that but I cherish every moment

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Friday with my mom is the best day we have soo much fun! no matter what we do
Here is picture thought I am sharing...