Saturday, January 9, 2010

Spiritual Sundays

Being a New Year many people set new goals and some seek the Lord in new endeavors. Some plow head first into doing what they 'THINK" is what the Lord wills them to be doing. I have been guilty of this numerous times...Some times it works out and others well it is clear it was my Flesh and my Will that was operating and not the Lords. Was it wrong? Yes and No. Did the Lord work it out? Yes but I must say was after I repented and slowed way down seeking where I went off in my direction and why I didn't do things in HIS ways/timing. Why was I so impatient....Did I not trust you Lord? Do I seriously think my ways were going to accomplish the best results? Do I convince myself that I had a clear YES from the Lord or do I ignore those promptings the Holy Spirit gives me..... It is my hopes for myself that in this new year I hear and OBEY what the Lord has for me. It is my hopes that I lead those I love to have this desire....namely my children. I wanted to share this devotional with you in regards to these types of situations....It speaks VOLUMES.....From Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

I am WITH YOU AND FOR YOU. When you decide on a course of action that is in line my MY will, nothing in heaven or on earth can stop you. You may encounter many obstacles as you move toward your goal, but don't be discouraged ~ never give up!
With MY help, you can overcome any obstacle. Do not expect an easy path as you journey hand in hand with ME, but do remember that I, your very-present Helper, an omnipotent.

Much, much stress results from your wanting to make things happen before their times have come. One of the main ways I assert My sovereignty is in the timing of events. If you want to stay close to ME and do things MY way, ask ME to show you the path forward moment by moment. Instead of dashing headlong toward your goal, let ME set the pace. Slow down, and enjoy the journey in MY presence.

One thing I have experienced in doing things in my way is that if I don't obey, If I don't listen....I can guarantee I WILL be back around this mountain AGAIN AND AGAIN until I do things the LORDS way :) until I pass the test

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May we all have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying