Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Funnies ♥

Thank you to my oh so HILARIOUS Friend Kim from Homesteaders Heart for hosting Friday Funnies. If you need more than a Friday Laugh then she is the girl for you! She will bring a smile to your day, or maybe a giggle, and sometimes you may even snort while reading her blog!

OK, SO.....

I was walking into Hobby Lobby yesterday, and all of the sudden I hear a VERY LOUD **BURP**!! Shortly thereafter, I hear a giggle. I thought "surely that is some kid laughing" so I turned around and much to my SURPRISE I see a MUCH OLDER WOMAN!!! She looks at me and giggles even more!! I said, "OH MY, I wasn't expecting to see a LADY!!" She laughed out loud this time and said, "well, sometimes you just don't know or have control when that is going to happen!" I laughed with her and told her...."If my kids were here with me, they would surely be HIGH FIVING you right now!!"

Moral to the story: Never judge a Burp .... You just might be surprised to find a sweet little old lady can out do a teenage boy any day! :)



Hi Loren, Happy Friday my friend. Thanks for sharing this-too cute!!! Have a wonderful, warm weekend.
Love, Noreen

The Real Me!

First of all, thank you for that wonderful introduction. It makes me want to go read my blog. LOL!
Second, that is HILARIOUS that it was a woman who burped. I would have died laughing. LOL!
Thanks for joining in today. Numbers are dwindling these days.

Sassy Granny ...

Could ever get our fill of humor? Who'd want do?

Now that I'm a "little old lady", I think I'll have to test this out :)

Pain to Purpose

That gave me a very good laugh! Thank you!

Girly Muse

That's hilarious!!!

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