Monday, September 13, 2010

What a weekend this has been!

You know those weekends where you literally cram sooo many things into it and you can't believe it was all possible!?!?!

THIS was one of THOSE weekends!! We had a wonderful birthday celebration for Jenna, Homecoming decorating to do, Church, A surprise Party for Jenna with her friends, finding a car for her to ride in in the Homecoming Parade on Thursday, Oh ya! cooking and cleaning for 20 people to be here ~ phew!! It has been sooooo much fun, so joyful! We have laughed, cried and sang til we can't do anymore at all! I love it when my family is all together and even though I can't believe I have 2 adults daughters now *sigh, sniff sniff* It was all just soo WONDERFUL!

The tradition in the McGhee household is usually cinnamon toast with candles but This year Daddy made Homemade donuts with cinnamon sugar on them! they were heavenly!!

I usually make the kids a cake or do brownies but this year Jenna asked for a Barbie cake ~ Just like she had when she was around 3 or 4!! LOL we didn't even have any Barbies so we had to go buy one! It was so funny watching her pick one out! They even had Taylor Swift Barbies!! She chose Belle and had the bakery change her dress from Yellow to Blue

No worries though! Jenna made sure the Barbie dress & shoes made it in the decorations! I LOVED it!!

Jenna and her Ry!

Daddy making delicious chicken wings and also smoking some awesome Ribs!

Rylee REALLY enjoyed the cake!! She is soo funny!

Me, Angel and MOM ♥

Jenna wanted a Bonfire in the back yard....Isn't it so pretty! It was the perfect ending to the day! SOooo Relaxing and just sitting and talking with everyone was so special....The Smores were delicious too!

Such Goofiness!

Angel "trying" to take a picture but Dan gave her a hint to make it work....TAKE OFF THE LENS CAP!! HAHAHA & YES she will kill me for sharing this ;) but she loves me anyways :0)~

Rylee and Ty....She has to be thinking.... Hey! That marshmallow wasn't like this a few minutes ago! LOVE their faces!

Jenna's friends! She had a surprise party on Sunday night @ her favorite restaraunt! It was a JOY filled weekend for sure!

Thank you all for your birthday wishes to Jenna! You are all so amazing & I cherish you...each and everyone! I pray you have a Happy and Blessed week!