Monday, August 8, 2011

Armadillos, Racoons, and Foxes....OH MY

Happy Monday :) How was your weekend? did it fly by? or did it drag on and on and on and on? ;) Did you get a Sunday nap? How was church?

We had one of the craziest weekends that I can remember! Friday found us in the urgent care, only to find out my son Jantzen had broken his arm. Thursday night last week, he and a friend went to play tennis. Jantzen was near the net and his friend tossed him a bottle of gatorade or water to catch and he fell over the net. As he fell he stuck out his arm to catch himself and broke his radius head. He was in a lot of pain but didn't tell us how badly it hurt him. On Friday morning when I woke him up I noticed the swelling and saw him wincing in pain. I tried to get into our dr. but he had no appts. so we just ended up @ Urgent care. They put on a soft cast, explained the X-rays to us and sent us on our way. We are hoping to get into a orthopedic dr. early this week and get a hard cast put on. Praying there is no surgery needed!

I shared with you all about his EEG appt. being changed to Saturday. Well, the rules were he had to go to sleep around midnight the night before the test and wake up @5am. and have no caffeine products and no sugar prior to the test which was @ 12.30 Saturday afternoon. So he didn't fall asleep til about 2 am. He was on some pain meds for his arm. So needless to say, waking him up and keeping him awake was quite the chore. I woke him up @ 5 and we went for a walk and then watched the sunrise together :) Then I took him to his favorite breakfast place and oh my, after we got our bellies full it was even harder to stay awake. LOL
Let's just say, his head was a bobbin on the way to the appt. Got the test done and headed home. It all went fine and we hope to get our results this week but let me tell ya, We were quite the zombies the rest of the day.

So later on, around 1 in the morning on Saturday or I guess it was really Sunday at this point huh? I woke up bc I heard my husband in our bedroom. I sat up and saw he had his gun in his hand....I was like "What are you doing??????" He said "Looking for that armadillo!" The pesky thing has been digging up our yard and our new flower beds looking for grubs. Makes me soooo not happy! So then, about 30-45 min. later, I hear our dogs start to barking. Like crazy barking! Come to find out my husband is now chasing off three raccoons! They come and eat our cats food or try to get into our trashcans. They aren't even really afraid of us anymore..... Then, after all that our daughter is getting ready to bed and takes our boxer out to potty. This time though, she went with Maggie and all of the sudden she hears something and our dog is clearly scared to death. She isn't barking nor is she moving. She is just standing there frozen and looked at jenna like she had seen a ghost or something. Jenna was hearing this sounds that was horrible and she thought...."If my dog is scared, then I should probably be really scared!!!" She yells at my husband and says "There is something in our yard and it sounds HORRIBLE!!! My husband shines the flashlight out back and sees two eyes shining back at him!! There is a FOX in our yard and it is making a HORRIBLE NOISE!! Have you ever heard a fox before??? Here ya go, when the video gets to the 30 second point is when you will hear what they heard that night....I would never have thought it was a fox!

It felt like we were in a zoo! Dogs barking, raccoons chattering, armadillos digging and foxes well, I don't know what you would call that, but I was so glad when it all stopped and the quiet peaceful sleep came LOL

I'm not sure I could even dream up something as good as that night was! Did you have a crazy night this weekend?