Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Joy! Prayers answered! and Phosphates???

This week I am bursting at the seams with JOY! Even though I was a bawl bag a couple of days ago today I am just jumping with JOY !!!! WHY????? well, please let me share .......

I am filled with JOY because ~

Yesterday I asked you guys to pray about me being able to keep the ice machine right! Well, in the comments my bloggy friend Tamara told me she had one sitting in her garage from when she had her rotator cuff surgery!! Seriously ~ sitting in her garage!!
I picked up the phone and called her and well, the ice machine is right beside me at this very moment!!
Thank you Lord!
Thank YOU ALL for you prayers! And Thankyou Tamara!!!

I am filled with JOY because ~

WHEN I was having my melt down about losing my ice machine my Sweet Son went to work! I was sitting in my therapy chair and he asked me "How much time do you have left."..40 min. and then 20 min. later ~ he asked again so when the time came I got off the chair and he said ok....Look what I have for you! He had gone into my closet and gotten one of my vests along with 2 baggies and filled them with ice. He attached them (one in front and one in back) around the shoulder area to my vest and let me tell ya! It was BRILLIANT!! It really did work well! But more than just melted my heart and meant soooo very much!! Isn't that just precious You guys?!?!?!?!

I am filled with JOY because ~

We have had an issue in the McGhee household and maybe you have too? tonight I got a text message from one of my friends asking "Now that dishwashing detergent no longer has phosphates in it what are you all doing? " Because my husband works in the appliance parts industry she thought he might have heard about this and know the solution! What is happening is ....
first, without phosphates the dishes aren't being cleaned as well AND there is a film that is being left on your dishes and dishwasher. Second, if you happen to have black utensils, spatulas or spoons etc., they may have turned WHITE!! That is what happened here in our home! Well, to be husband was not aware of this phosphate issue and we have been trying to figure out what in the world the problem was because believe you- me......our black utensils are all white and they look AWFUL!!!!!! I am actually having to ask my Mom for new stuff for Christmas because we are seriously having to replace EVERYTHING! IT IS JUST NASTY! So why do you ask that this brings me joy?? Well, because now we have the ANSWER!!! and my husband will find the solution!! WOOHOO!!

So I hope my JOY will encourage you to share some JOY too....If so, go over to my friend Angel's blog and join in in spreading the JOY