Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pursuing L♥ve

This week we are asking ourselves the question: Are we Rude or Courteous?

Wouldn't it just be wonderful if we could all answer immediately "Why, of course I am Courteous!" In Proverb 12 verse 25 we will see that while "a anxious heart weighs a man down, a kind word will cheer you up!"

To me, if we want to be Courteous we only need to look at the Character of Christ. HE is the perfect Gentleman! He NEVER forces HIMSELF on us, He is Patient ~ don't we love when someone is patient with us! (How courteous is that!) HE IS KIND! HE is FULL of Compassion (can't we all use more compassion!) HE is Tender and full of Understanding! Understanding is HUGE! When we are in a situation that calls for being courteous how many times do we stop and try to Understand where a person is coming from instead of what WE may be wanting to prove, or to do, or even to say? If we could see people and understand them through the EYES of Christ I think our Love Walk would grow more and more every day!

May we be found GUILTY of sharing that Kind Word with others and changing the very mood they were in ~ to a Son-ny one as we are a LIGHT for HIM, walking in Love and being Courteous in every way thinkable!

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