Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I made it

Yesterday was a long day. Let's just say I had opposition everywhere I turned. In the physical and in the spiritual realm. At least, this time I wasn't "fearful" traveling by myself. As I sat in Dallas for the 3 hour layover I wasn't able to connect to the internet bc I don't have an air card but I do have my IPHONE :) I was able to read from my Kindle and check in on Facebook. Lisa Shaw I love you and appreciate your prayer that you were led to put up as your status. God really spoke to me and I knew that these trials that had come against me were no coincidence. For heavens sakes I stood in the shower yesterday morning crying out for God to "ANNOINT me in the ways HE wanted and said HERE I am LORD: send me, use me. I am yours; let me glorify YOU"

As I was on my final plane so I took a piece of paper and wrote out a prayer and laid down the offenses that came and what lied ahead and just asked the Lord to forgive me and to let me walk in the Spirit!

I didn't see my dad til this morning. What a beautiful wonderful joyful sight to see! My daddy sitting on the couch with his blanket working away on his computer :) To think last week at this time we didn't even know if he was going to make it! but I think He looks really good. He has lost alot of weight since I left a couple of weeks ago and has the oxygen but overall I just wanted to tackle him and hug him and never let go :) His biggest hurdle is his appetite. Food just doesn't even taste good but he is trying! His throat is feeling better every day which i such a gift and he is really doing good hydrating himself! We get to see his oncologist tomorrow which wasn't suppose to happen until Sept 11 so I am thrilled to get to do that!

For now I am cherishing each moment so please forgive me if I don't get around to alot of blogs this week ~ I will if he is sleeping but I just don't know what to expect just yet and I want to spend each moment with him

love and blessings to you all