Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday's Musings

You ever have one of those weekends that flies by so quickly that you can't believe it really even came ?? Well, this weekend, we had one of those!

My daughter had her senior pictures this weekend and she did awesome, despite the fact that the wind was an absolute battle! She had requested some pictures taken in water so our photographer took us to one of our local lakes and let me just tell you...The wind was blowing like crazy. Her assistant and myself were standing in the water (which was freezing by the way LOL) holding a Shield, to keep Jenna from squinting from the sunshine and WOW!! It took every single bit of body strength we had! Then she took us a an open field and jenna took some gorgeous shots. These pics were very special because she wore My Daddy's cowboy hat. When he passed away that was something Jenna wanted of his so to see these pics just brought tears to my eyes. The next place was a cool little part of town with some awesome architecture and Jenna put on her Beautiful Prom Dress and get this....her pink hi-tops! She was DARLING!!! I can't wait to show you guys these pics!!

Church was another 'Weird" week! And that's a good thing and a compliment! Pastor Craig's new book "Weird, because normal isn't working" is available for all of those who are interested! It has been awesome so far!

One of my most dreaded household tasks is changing out closets from winter to summer....but I did it!! I don't enjoy it but I am ALWAYS SOOO HAPPY when it is complete!!! Note: These pics are taken from the Internet and are NOT my closet :) They do however, reflect the chaos it was in and now it is in order!! WOOHOO!

This week I will be reviewing some really awesome books next week on my book blog! Come over and check them out if you want!!