Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's On Your Heart?

What is on Your Heart?

I am just So thankful for technology !!

Without my computer I would not be able to write or receive a letter, a note, a discount, or a lesson plan from my son's teacher. I would not be able to see my sweet daughter's face, who is away @ college, each day via SKYPE. I would not be able to BLOG, nor would have I met any of you and be blessed by the gift of your friendship!!!

Without my IPhone I would not be able to grocery shop and find the ingredients for the dinner I am going to prepare via the AllRecipes App, or stay on budget using my calculator for the groceries I am purchasing. I would not be able to receive that text from my Son that says "I Love you Mom!" just because and make my whole day! Nor would I be able to watch the videos of my grandchildren during those times I am just missing them like crazy! I wouldn't be able to FaceTime my husband with one of the many "How do I do this?" Showing him what it is I am doing & he is able see on my phone exactly what I'm doing and viola'... then He can share the instructions! Love it! I would not be able to read God's Word or send a Scripture to a friend that will bring Hope to their day!

Without my IPad I would not be able to read more than one book at a time as well as not having to carry the actual book. They are all in my IPad. I would not be able to check my email, or play BeJeweled during that 10 or so minutes, while I am waiting to pick up my Son. I wouldn't be able to check my bank balance, or watch a GodTube video or a funny YouTube video. I would not be able to watch a movie, or better yet, catch a sermon from my Pastor ~ Pastor Craig Groeschel

In today's society I know many who say the Internet is from the enemy or it consumes us! For some, sadly those statements are true. Many marriages have been broken, due to pornography being sooo accessible or meeting someone online via Facebook or some other social network. I know as a mother and a blogger, one issue continually comes up....Are we spending too much time on the Internet ?? Balancing our time is sooo important and always remembering our priorities! Quiet time with the Lord and being with our family is first and foremost. Using the Internet to bring Glory to God or to encourage someone in HIM is what I hope to accomplish! The rest of it ~ Is just icing on the cake!

So, tell me...What's on Your Heart today? If you would like to share your heart please join in here