Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 6,2009

FOR TODAY...October 6th

Outside my window... cool, beautiful and sunny for the first time in a long while! :)

I am thinking... How precious Clif and Charlotte are and how very much I appreciate their help! OH YA~ Happy Birthday Mrs. Charlotte ~ I know it was yesterday and I am sure you were spoiled rotten :) You DESERVE IT!!!!

I am thankful for..My Husband for being so kind and tender with our children yet strong when disciplining them. I tend to cave sometimes and He doesn't.

I am comfy yoga pants and a hoodie with my sling :)

I am remembering... just how hard being a teenager truly is! Hang in there Jen ~ This too shall pass sweetie

I am going... NO WHERE

I am reading...WHAT DIFFERENCE DO IT MAKE? by Ron Hall and Denver Moore

I am hoping...that I didn't do any damage exercising my arm yesterday and waiting on the Dr to call!

On my mind... you don't want to know

Noticing that... I truly enjoy the seasons. I used to think I wanted summer all the time but as I get older I really enjoy the cool weather NOT COLD ;)

Pondering these words... "most a' the people on the streets know Jesus loves' em. But they figure nobody else loves 'em BUT JESUS. Street people done heard more sermons than most preachers ever preached. Lotta good folks come 'round the 'hood, talkin 'bout Jesus this, Jesus that. Tellin us about HIM is one thing....who gon' stick around and show
us Jesus? See, deliverin kindness ain't the pastors' job. That's our job. When Jesus sent the disciples out two by two, He didn't go with 'em. He stayed back and laid low, maybe had Hisself a cup a' coffee." Denver Moore -What Difference do it make?

Around the house.....Fall decorations, candles colors....oooooo lala I love it :)

One of my favorite things~ seeing my children together, watching out for each other and helping one another

From my picture journal... She is getting sooo BIG :)