Thursday, January 20, 2011

Joy, Thankfulness you name it I got it ♥

Our Sweet Grandson made his debut around 10 a.m. on Wednesday morning, weighing in @ 7lbs. 8 oz. We all anxiously awaited to see if he would be a blonde headed boy or red headed. Red it is! :) Krista delivered him by c-section and we were able to wait in her room which was NEXT DOOR to where they took Bentley during the first few minutes he was born. Oh MY .... He was not a happy boy! LOL You know, hearing your grandbaby for the very first time is just the most precious sound ever!! Here are the pics from this Blessed Day in which the Lord gave us this sweet baby boy to love and teach in the way he should go.

Bentley Daniel

soo precious

How I love this sweet boy already!

My DH.... aka PAPA ♥

Me...aka NONI ♥ holding back the tears! So amazed @ Gods blessings

Uncle Jantzen ♥

Aunt Jenna ♥

Rylee seeing her brother for the first time :) We asked her if she wanted to take him to her house? She said "no" LOLOL

The Happy Family ♥

My precious grandchildren....Rylee & Bentley

Thank you Lord for blessing us with this Healthy Baby Boy! Thank you for the plans you have for Bentley!

Thank all of you for your Love and Prayers!