Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Break = Bloggy Break??

Holy Smokes! I guess you could say I took a Blog Break huh!?!? I had no idea I was going to do that LOL but my DH took a week of vacation and my Son had his fall break. (today is the last day - he will return to classes Tuesday)

My honey's goal in taking time off was to get some things done around our house. We got sooo much accomplished! We literally worked anywhere from 12-15 hours each day. WE had two parties! One was a HouseParty with the PS3 "Everybody Dance" game and the other was for a friend of Jantzens who is moving this weekend to Colorado! Then, We completely went through & organized the Garage, our mud room, our laundry room, and then the office. In the garage we installed some shelving. This helped us to clear the floor space & remove clutter as well as have it all organized! When we built our house, we built a Salon for me to work in, in what would have been the third car garage. Sadly, I never worked out there, but now it will serve as my DH's shop! I hope he has many wonderful days just putzing (my moms term) around in there.

We totally redid our Laundry room and closet! Wow! I am amazed at the difference!! Pics will come and this time I did get before's and after's ~ WOOHOO

Aside from work work work, Jantzen asked if he could have a going away party for one of his friends. He has a group of buddies that call themselves the Wolfpac (NO, it is NOT after Twilight LOL) Some of these boys have been friends since they were 3. Anyway, I thought that was so nice of him and said of course! So he went to town sending out invites. He also made numerous attempts to contact the friend of his that was moving to Colorado...Ya know, The GUEST OF HONOR!! He began getting RSVP's from his friends, yet, after a day or so, he still hadn't heard from his friend! AT this point, my DH helped him find his Fathers Church where he is the Pastor. He also looked in the phone book. Jantzen called those #'s, and left messages too. Surely, this will work, right?

The party day had arrived! The Bon Fire was ready to be lit. The hotdogs and smores were ready to be cooked over the fire, the lawn was mowed, and it was party time! BUT..... we had NO GUEST OF HONOR!!! Can you even believe that???/ too funny. I looked outside and saw it was getting darker and some major clouds were up in the sky. Now, let me preface this by saying....It has not rained in my town for quite some time! It has gone all around us but it has been like we have this huge barrier around our town and only our town and we just haven't gotten any rain. So when my husband says, It is fixing to rain! I was like .... YA RIGHT! Well, guess what! It didn't just rain. It Poured and it was one of the BEST Thunderstorms EVER!! The lightning was just incredible! Here is just one of the awesome pics my honey took as he stood on our back porch!

Anyways, as the boys arrived they all were sad that we probably wouldn't be able to have a bonfire. (So was I) but we played the JellyBelly game which is always a HUGE HIT (especially with boys) Ya know that game, right? Two jellybeans are the same color, one is a good flavor, and the other ...well, it's just NOT!! Like a orange/white jelly bean could be either PEACH or MOLDY CHEESE. A black jelly belly could be: licorice or SKUNK! ewwwww....get this one! A yellow green one is: pear or BARF!!! A trashcan is a MUST when playing this game!

They all had a good time! We grilled the hotdogs and did some burgers too since we were doing them on the grill :) They played video games and then finally after the rain stopped they went outside and played football. For the friend of their's that is moving I made a sign for him and made the boys gather together for him and take a pic! For some odd reason they decided NO SMILING AT ALL!!! Why? I have no idea LOL

Hope you had a blessed weekend my friends! I have missed you all soo much!


The Real Me!

Man girl you've been busy. Though so have we. LOL! I think it's hilarious that the boy didn't get to come to his own going away party.
I did miss you though. I noticed you were gone but figured you were busy. And I was right. Ha!
Have a lovely day my friend.

Sassy Granny ...

Sometimes life just beckons and we heed its call. It's all good! I love breaks, especially those like you just took. Organizing & project work are so fun. I've been known to disappear in a closet for days on end :)


You may have had a break, but it certainly sounds as if you didn't get any rest. I'm sorry to hear that the thunderstorm cancelled the bonfire, but it sounds as if the party was a big success anyway.

Girly Muse

Good grief, a blog break is the only break it sounds like you had! But I bet it sure feels good to get all that stuff done.
I love the lightning picture! Tell your hubby it rocks!
Glad you're back. Missed ya!

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