Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Lynn is hosting Thankful Thursfdays and asking us to count our blessings no matter what we are going through HA! THAT I CAN DO :)

I am thankful for my son who decides to surprise me and sneaks in and puts on his suit, picks some flowers, and came to me at my chair and asked if I would go dance with him under the moonlight on the back porch *sniff sniff* ISNT THAT SWEET

I am thankful that when I am going through trials like these I can turn on my computer and see a list of comments from you all with NOTHING BUT ENCOURAGEMENT!! THANKYOU ALL SOOOO MUCH

I am thankful for my friends who are bringing me lunch and sitting with me today so that they can push the button on my machine from cold to hot (every 30 min!) and we are watching a chick flick while it is nothing but gloomy outside it is raining sunshine in my room today :)

I am thankful that when I am down and discouraged with this stuff I can sit with my Heavenly Father and share my heart and the Holy Spirit washes over me with Peace that passes ALL understanding!

Please go visit Lynn and see many other thankful people today!

Put on that garment of PRAISE for the spirit if heaviness!!!