Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Prayers Needed

Today is a VERY SAD and DIFFICULT day for those in our community. We will be saying good-bye to a young man today. Last Thursday evening Hance Henrie was in Provo UT finishing up some ROTC training. He and some friends were driving down an Inter-state and a car crossed over into their lane and struck the truck carrying Hance and His friends. The driver, a 56 year old female was drunk. Hance was the only one wearing a seat belt and he was the only one who died.

My daughter was very close to Hance. My husband went to school with his parents. His Mom is Jantzens Honors Science Teacher.

I don't know why these things happen. I can't even imagine the grief his parents are experiencing. I am soo thankful they have such a strong Faith because truly in times such as this....It is ONLY through God that a parent can get through such a devastating circumstance.

Please, if you will, Lift up the Henrie Family today and in the days to come. His funeral will be late this afternoon, and I know for so many of these kids, it is going to be so very hard. But as hard as it is for them, it is beyond anything we could ever imagine for his family!

Thank you all for being such amazing friends and prayer warriors!