Monday, April 5, 2010

Surgery this morning!

I pray everyone had a wonderful Easter with your family!! What a beautiful day we were blessed with to celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior!

I will be checking in this morning @6a.m. @ the Hospital, and having the manipulation done on my shoulder. They will put me to sleep just long enough to take my arm and literally RIP IT through the scar tissue. The clinical nurse told me to ask the Anesthesiologist to give me a single shoulder block which is basically a pain block that will last for about 8 hours. I will have to go to physical therapy in the afternoon(plus everyday this week) and they promise it will still be in affect. Please, Pray it is. Actually, according to my clinical nurse the pain will be the worst on Tuesday when the pain block has worn off. With all this said, I am just sooo happy that I will be able to raise my hand up above my head and as the saying goes "NO pain, NO gain" right?

I got some really upsetting news along with finding out they did want to do the manipulation. I had an MRI done of my left shoulder last Thursday and they found it is actually worse than my right one was. I will definately NOT do ANYTHING until I am completely healed in my right shoulder but it just really upset me knowing I have to do this again.

Here are some pics from yesterday! Have a blessed Monday everyone!

Aunt Jenna and Uncle Jantzen with Rylee

Learning how to put olives on her finger :)

Running away

Family pic