Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Main Dish Recipe with Kim and Thanks to those who Serve

At our house we love a Turkey but one year we finally tried deep frying it and OH MY....It is the juiciest, most tender Turkey you could imagine! So for us we are hooked on cooking ours this way:

Deep Fried Turkey ~ McGhee style

Prepare the turkey removing everything from the inside and wash the bird well, inside and out patting it completely dry so this will reduce the intense splattering that could occur when lowering turkey into the oil.

Injecting the Turkey:

There are many choices for injections. Store bought or homemade. If you opt to make your own homemade version just be careful that you don't put something in the marinade that won't pass through the syringe. Make sure that you purchase a syringe that is made for injecting marinade :) If you purchase store bought marinade you pretty much can choose any type and if you have a "specialty meat market" they are sure to have special marinades and great advise from their employees as well.

You must use a turkey fryer. We fill ours with peanut oil to the proper level as per instructions. They fryer will also give you the proper cook time as per poundage of turkey. Lower very slowly into fryer and make sure to NOT OVER FILL with oil. OIL BURNS.
Most fryers come with a thermometer to ensure that the inside of your turkey is properly cooked so we tend to go by that more than the exact time. It will be golden brown and cooked perfectly. Let stand for 15 min. or so before carving. ENJOY

NOTE: typical cooking time for an avg. size (15lb) turkey is 45 min. ~ Just so you know and can cook according to all the other dishes you are preparing. Instructions will be included but again use thermometer and it will tell you when inside is done.

Also today is Veterans Day and I just want to thank each and every member of the Armed Forces who are serving or have served for their protection, dedication, and sacrifice for our Freedom and to all of their families as well. Our prayers are with each of you.

Love and Blessings