Saturday, June 6, 2009

PIANO FROM *&%#!!*

Well, if you have read about my garage sale below you know my
DH(dear husband) and my son were demolishing the piano that we could not even give away. Well....bc we were at the end of the garage sale and they were so busy I had carried my laptop outside to BLOG...what every devoted blogger would do right ???? YES and an AMEN :)

I had just finished my post hurriedly since DH was a little annoyed at my devotion to blogging **AHEM** and he was ready to call it a day and get what was left bagged up and taken to goodwill SOOOO.....I am working away and the next thing I know is that he has hurt himself and blood is squirting out of his finger and our friend who had come to help looked at me real serious and said "You may want to go with him to help tape that up REAL TIGHT" ummmmm ok. I went inside and DH was already at the sink and he was FOLDING his skin back into place and said there was something real hard....honey is that the bone??? good grief.

Let me tell you a little bit about this piano ok. We got this piano from a friend I used to work with at the Salon. She gave it to us for FREE! My son took lessons for a year and this piano was really really old and needed LOTS OF WORK. We decided after time that it just wasn't worth putting the money into so we had some teens come over to Help DH move it to the garage. On this particular move he ended up having to have ROTATOR CUFF SURGERY....mmhmmm You heard me right!

So today when he couldn't give it away and this happened you can understand the title and his frustration. We went to minor emergency and he got 6 shots in his finger. Now folks, the good Lord made our fingers to FEEL....and shots HURT! Then DH got 4 stitches. The Dr. said that there was a flap of skin that he couldn't sew and that it would probably die so when it did just to cut it off....EXCUSE ME? CUT IT OFF??? I won't be doing that, no way no how!

We are home, and yes, I had to take a picture. My sweet honey made the first one funny for all my bloggy friends .....Let me know if you see a difference in the two pics?

I love my husband....He is such a sweet heart and supports me in everything, even my blogging....Oh how I am blessed! But I don't think he will let me convince him to accept anymore FREE PIANOS...

p.s. nooooo he didn't LOSE his finger *heehee* my DH is so Ornery!

Fun with the kids

Well we had a "Spur of the moment" Bonfire and let the kids have some friends over and it was sooo much fun and then WE were surprised by one our daughters friends who had moved away, and had come back for a surprise visit! I squeeled so loud my husband heard me all the way from the house to the firepit LOL. (We have an acre long back yard sooo I must have been pretty loud) We love Paigey POO and have missed her very much!

Here are some pics with Jantzens friends

Here are the teens catching up with one another

Then this morning we FINALLY had our much anticipated neighborhood garage sale. The last time we were suppose to have it we had flooding and then no electricity in the whole neighborhood the morning of the sale.

My Dear Husband helping me set up

When all was said and done, we sold quite a bit, met some new neighbors, and then my DH and sweet son decided to take apart the very old piano

This proved to be QUITE THE CHORE! They used everything you can imagine:
hammers, chainsaw, pik axe! Pianos are built VERY VERY WELL! But they conquered it!!!