Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesdays top 10

ONE ~ Love and Appreciate my wonderful Husband who is such a good Daddy and such a sweet Papa ♥

TWO~ Love and Appreciate my Mom who helped me sooo much with the Prom Stuff!

THREE ~ So thankful my brother took such beautiful pictures of all these prom kids despite some very devastating news just minutes before he arrived to take pics!

FOUR ~ Soooo thankful my Physical Therapist was understanding that I didn't do my exercises over the weekend....unless you can count coloring Jens hair, cleaning like a mad woman, planting flowers, cooking and serving to these precious kids therapy :) because.... I sure did LOL

FIVE ~ I have soooo many books to read...I need to carry a book with me at all times to get them reviewed in time! :)

SIX~ It was cold here and rainy today and sure makes you appreciate the warm weather we have been having! Thank you Lord....can the sunshine come back now ;)

SEVEN ~ Have just loved the Gentleness of the Lord lately...I feel HIS Presence and the atmosphere is just soo Gentle...

EIGHT ~ Only 4 more Mondays of school left !! Praise the LORD!

NINE ~ Got my Rylee girl today ♥ Got her a new swing and she loves it ;) When I was little my nana used to sit on the porch swing with me and LALA so while I push Rylee in her swing this is what I sing to her.....she loves it! and well.....SO DO I!

TEN ~Pray everyone has a blessed Tuesday ~ love on your kids today, do something sweet for your loved ones, listen to the Holy Spirit ~ He may have a Divine Appt. just waiting ~ remember we could be someones answer to prayer ~ a call, a hug, a note, offer forgiveness Who KNows but you and the LORD??

Love you all!