Monday, April 19, 2010

Celebrating my Honey

Saturday was my DH's birthday. We had a fun morning and afternoon together and then our oldest daughter and family joined us for dinner. Sadly, my Mom and Stepdad were out of town so they couldn't come over. Normally, on anyones birthday we have a house full but in this case I think it was just as it should be. Just our kids and our precious grandbaby ♥

We had my husbands famous "salsa burgers" and his famous quacamole and salsa! OOOO LA LA! He is such an AWESOME cook and well, I offered to cook for him but the kids wanted him to make dinner and to be honest ~ It pleases him so much for him to cook them their favorite, even if it is his bday and he should have the day off :) He is so sweet that way!

Here are some pics from Saturday

Krista and Rylee

Silly pic of all of us :)

Papa blowing out his candles with Rylee helping! :) She loved it!

We got him an IPAD....HE loves it! Thank you all for so many of you wishing him a happy birthday on Facebook! It just means so very much to experience not only your prayers but your love and friendship! You are just amazing friends! I love you so much!

I have to say a Happy Birthday to my friend Darcie who shares the exact birthday as my husband :0) No wonder I love you so much!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and you were spoiled rotten!