Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My brother Tony and His Beautiful Heart

I shared with each of you all the wonderful things my Talented brother did while we were sharing our final days with our Dad and then all that Tony did afterwards....Dads eulogy, His last note on Facebook, the Video etc. Yep ~ my brother got all the talent for sure! Here I could inject that while He got all the talent I got all the heart and well, that just wouldn't be true. My brother has been on quite a journey over the last few years. He has been through a very heart wrenching divorce but came out stronger and a wonderful Father through it all. He has grown leaps and bounds and continues to do so with each new day. My Brother is a Captain of the Tulsa Fire Department, he owns his own business Tinting cars and what a successful business it is. But it is none of these reasons that I am sharing about Tony today. I am so very proud of my Brother and all he has become but it is when we see his heart and love for others that just brings me to tears. You see, just hours before we lost our Dad Tony received a call from a friend notifying him that one of his Firefighter brothers (and trust me Firemen are a group of Brothers like no other) just found out he had cancer. Tony took it very hard! While we sat beside our Daddy in those final hours Tony would read things to my Dad ~ comments from Facebook, emails, etc. Some were so hard to even get out and I wasn't the one sharing them but would just cry with my brother while he spoke them to Daddy. Anyway, Tony sat there and told Dad about his friend John. He asked my Dad to help John, to be with Him and we both knew He would because that is the kind of man our Dad is/was.

When Tony came home from Florida his friend John had begun treatments at MD Anderson and Tony was in constant contact. Tony is a man of many resources and a HUGE HEART. He came up with the Idea of having a Fundraiser for their family. I need to inject here that my brother and I have had lengthy conversations about God, the Lord, My Saviour and Tony just listens and says "thats for you" but I know that God has Tony right in the palm of HIS hand and HIS favor is on Tony. If I could share everything that is happening this would literally be a book but suffice to say ~ many amazing things are coming into play for this Fundraiser, for this family John and Jenny Buck. I am believing for healing for John. He is a young Father, a Loving Husband, A precious Son, and a Fellow Brother in the Firefighter world. God is with all of you and is blessing this ONE DAY AT A TIME! I simply cannot wait to see how it all plays out.

I am sooo proud of you my sweet brother Anthony William. I love you with all of my heart!

Tony's artwork for the Fundraiser.....