Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts, Thanks & Winter pics

Well, we did it? Oklahoma beat yet another all time record for the most snowfall since 1923. After receiving 24 inches in our backyard last week, we were hit with another 9 inches starting around 12 am Wednesday and lasting until 1 pm. yesterday. They had just cleared all the streets and were ready to give the go ahead for back to school when this storm came in. So we have yet to return to school and as of today are still out. I am not sure if they will be able to get the roads in shape enough for them to return on Friday but I do know they are working around the clock. We aren't just dealing with the snow now, we are experiencing record low temperatures as well. So they have to figure that into the equation for those kids who walk and who wait at a bus stop! It has been 7 BELOW ZERO and that is NOT with the windchill! CAN YOU SAY BRRRRRRRR!!

I had to get out and see my Shoulder Dr. and was the only patient they had LOL. Before all the snow (LAST WEEK) I had gone into my regular session of Physical Therapy and had been experiencing some pretty severe pain. My awesome therapist was concerned and after conferring with her boss they took me off of strength training and just did some light stretching. He also gave me some exercises to do at home which I was thankful for because with the winter storm last week, they were closed, and I wasn't going anywhere. So a couple of weeks has gone by and my pain is still intense. I was able to make an appt. for Wednesday and just prayed that he wouldn't cancel and that I could get there to find out what was going on. After seeing him he has taken me off of all physical therapy and said that I have got some severe inflammation going on and really need to do nothing for 3 weeks and then we will see where we are from there. BUMMER!

My sweet husband made sure he filled up the bird feeder and spread out some deer corn. It didn't take long for the birds to come and they went for the deer corn too !! I had purchased Deer chops (which is basically chopped up deer corn) to actually use for the corn bags we are making and decided that it wasn't the best thing, so we used it to feed instead. Never did we think the birds would like it soo much :) Here are a few of the shots my husband got on Wednesday afternoon after the snow had stopped and the sun came out

I am so thankful to live "out of town" where we can see Gods beautiful creatures like we do! So thankful to have had this time with my family and even though everyone is ready to get back to their "normal routines" it has been such a gift to have had these past two weeks of snow days. Memories that will no doubt be remembered for years and years to come!