Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday's Musings

Oh my gosh Ya'll....I feel OLD! Literally, every muscle in my body HURTS!! Why???? What did I do? Well. Let's see.....

Friday, Mom came over and took the kids and I to one of the CUTEST places EVER! It's called the Pecan Porch. It's an old country house/cottage they made into a resaurant. Beautiful plants are everywhere, they even have an old squeaky screen door. Such character and charm. I will have to take pics next time we go.

Saturday my honey & I subbed in our neighbors card group. They play "Pitch". I have never played before and thought we were going to play "Spades" :) Ha. Not spades but similar, I guess. We had a great time, lots of laughter and met some really sweet people. I used to play bunco with a group once a month but haven't done that in forever so it was nice to be a "sub" and learn a new game!

Sunday.... yep. this is the day in which my body decided it was about 100 years old! LOL We decided to put in an electrical fence in our yard. Because our yard has ROCKS just about everywhere and digging to far down is just about impossible, having a split rail fence or any other kind for that matter is financially just about insane! Not to mention, we really don't want to put a fence up. But if we did, we would have to dynamite or jackhammer for days so we say NOOOO. Anyway, for the electric fence you have to bury the line and because we don't want the dogs to go in the front yard and mess up all our new landscaping we had to not only do one full circle around the back yard we had to make a U shape so that the electric line won't go along the back door and shock the dogs. So that meant being on your hands and knees burying a wire ON AN ACRE LOT!!!

ok, I will quit wining now :)

I was so thankful the Lord brought us a bit of rain in the wee hours because it sure made working with the dirt so much easier!
Now we just have to do the final connect and then we can begin training the dogs. That will have to wait a bit because my Honey is going out of town this week. Would you all mind saying a prayer for traveling mercies for him and his trip :) Thank you so much!

We are also trying to get in with a specific neurologist for Jantzen. The one our DR. referred us to didn't have the best of reviews so we did some research on our own and also have a friend who has seen this Dr. that we hope to get in with. So anyway, pray the Lord will open the doors for us :) I will not be making any appointments this week since Brian will be gone, but hopefully next week. Jantzen has been feeling much better in the past few days. He doesn't feel so weak anymore and the dizzy spells seem to be lessening :) Thank you all so much for your prayers!!

So tell me, How was your weekend?