Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Family time Question!??

There is nothing like Family time is there!! I've found myself reflecting quite a bit lately. Maybe it's because my baby will be headed for high school and will be driving in less than a year. I know you hear all the time, but time just flies by! What I wouldn't give to slowwwww things down!! One thing we have enjoyed so much as a family is asking

"What was your high today? and What was your Low?"

This is a game (per se') my kids Love to play, especially Jantzen, my inquisitive child :)

It makes for great dinner conversation!! Make sure that the adults share as well! You can also choose to ask when you are tucking the kids in. Choosing Bedtime allows you to take the question and more importantly, the answer, to another level. Prayer. Teaching our children to lay their "lows" at the foot of the cross and trusting that Jesus has heard you and is working it out is definitely "teaching your child in the way he/she should go!!"

It is something that works for every single age! Plus, if your kids have a friend over they can join in as well!!

You know when you ask your kids, "How was school?" response "Good." "What did you learn at school today?" response "same as yesterday" We learn nada. zip-zilch!

But when you ask for highs and lows, you get a very thought provoking answer every time!

What about you guys? What has been one of your family games or ways to get more communication going within your family??