Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gods Good Ideas ~ Thankful Thursday

Lynn @ Spiritually Unequal Marriage is hosting this months Thankful Thursdays! Today Lynn shared about Gods Good Ideas! I love this because the Lord gives us amazing ideas and when we choose to listen and obey it is soooo awesome and exciting to participate in them!

A few of the good ideas HE has given me are:

One week during Summer I was seeking the Lord in regards to our menu: I heard him say "prepare all meals in your crockpot."
Ok ~ I will be honest...I wasn't certain I had heard HIM correctly! Seriously, ALL MEALS IN MY CROCKPOT?? Well, I listened and obeyed and do you know what happened after the 3rd day of cooking in the crock pot? My oven went out!! Guess what? NO WORRIES ~ our meals did not require our oven so I didn't have to panic or fret! Awesome idea Lord, Thankyou!

This blog was definitely HIS idea although I thought it was mine ;) He has used this blog to move in the Life of my Daddy during his battle with cancer. My friend Edie contacted me about making a prayer button for my Dad and that led to building relationships, friendships, and experiencing the Power of Prayer for my Dad and myself! Wonderful idea Lord, Thankyou!

I could share countless ideas that I hear when I am driving in regards to take this direction or go that way! One day the kids and I were driving back home from seeing my Mom and we saw an elderly woman lying on the sidewalk. I felt the Lord direct me to turn around and we all hopped out of the car to help her. She was disoriented and scratched from the fall. I called 911 and shortly after a gentleman pulled up who was her son. He explained she had Alzheimers and had just walked away from home. He was so grateful that someone had seen her and that she hadn't gotten out into the busy road. (which was just yards away from where we found her!) Amazing idea Lord, Thank you!

God gives us ideas all the time....make a phone call to someone to say hello, send a card of encouragement, offer forgiveness, spend time with those you love and haven't seen for awhile, etc. The key is LISTENING and then taking action!

Thank you Lynn for sharing on this subject matter this week! It is AWESOME to remember those times God gave me ideas and I look forward to all the new ones HE has in store!