Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This and That Tuesday

Went to physical therapy and got yet another progress report....I am progressing ever soooo slowly but STILL, I am progressing! I increased 5 degrees in each motion. I am not yet 50% (of where I should be) in some positions and the most important one I want to be able to do is, be able to reach my arm up to blow dry my hair and/or shampoo it the way it is meant to!

Look at those arms!!! I will be there SOMEDAY!!!!

We did however figure out a new way for me to exercise those back muscles which will help in strengthening them! and EVERY BIT helps right :):)

Jantzen and Jenna find humor in reminding me that they are getting older. Jen will be 18 this year and my baby boy became a teenager last month **sniff sniff** I was sharing with Jantzen that I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic state with the thought of Jenna going off to college (I calmed myself knowing she has another year of highschool) and he began talking about when he leaves (just to ruffle my feathers) .....Love your babies because it goes sooo quickly!!

We were all together this weekend as a family ~ Our oldest daughter came over this weekend to get a haircut and her eyebrows waxed! Casey came along with our granddaughter Rylee ♥ and wanted to let everyone know he is doing much better. He returned to work today and will be getting his stitches out tomorrow. His jaw will be wired shut still for another few weeks. We told him we would all celebrate with a big juicy steak when he can eat again! I love when we are all together like that!

My brother Tony did a commercial tinting job and the lady who owned the business noticed his bracelet that he wears and Tony was able to share John Bucks story and tell her about the FundRaiser this weekend....she wrote him a check for $100 on the spot! Love those moments when you know God is moving in HIS people!

The grieving process is a difficult season and you never know what/how the grief will come on any particular day....Somedays I get by and only miss daddy while others come and I cry so many times throughout the day at random things....The other day I was on the phone with a company and the song that was playing while I was on hold sent me into a tizzy! This season in my life is hard and I know I have really pulled way back from many and for that I apologize....I haven't done any of this on purpose and pray they will understand that this is only a season....

Our doggies are doing great! Maggie (the new boxer) now weighs more than Tyson (the snorky) and is just the sweetest girl! She is doing great on potty training (just don't ask my husband ;) because you might get a different version!)

I will be annoncing a new book tomorrow....I am supposed to be reviewing it but I haven't even received it yet LOL but come over to my book blog and check it out

Love and Blessing