Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spiritual Sundays

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This week has been so Rich in the Lord! Most of you know the plan was for me to be in Florida for the week but due to the ice/snow storm and two cancelled flights last weekend, I relented to stay home. Last week I shared with you all that I committed to keeping my Mind stayed on the Lord and HE promised to give me Peace.

Because I had NO PLANS to be anywhere (except one day that got cancelled bc of a stomach bug) I was able to just bask in the Lord and spend some serious time with HIM, which turned out to be somewhat of a mini retreat. Only I didn't have to go to a hotel, listen to a speaker....NOPE. It was just me and the LORD, HIS Word, and the HOLY SPIRIT.

How my hearts swells with JOY and with PEACE. I cannot describe how many ISSUES the Lord dealt with me over, or how many times He has ministered to me.

I learned this week that I have allowed some OFFENSES to build up in me. As I drove to bible study on Thursday, I found myself crying out to the Lord "WHY??? Why did Daddy not have more time, why was he not able to have surgery to remove the tumor and take a portion of his lung etc." Well, guess what Bible Study was about.... Guess what the video at Bible Study was about......yep, being offended. I have never known with so much certainty that I was to be EXACTLY where I am! Each time I walk in to Bible study someone says something that causes me such pain ( mournful pain...for instance ~ the #1 prayer request this week goes something like this....I am on my way to Oklahoma City to be with my Dad. He is dying. He has lung and liver cancer and has gotten pnuemonia so we know his time is short....GULP ~ here come the tears ) BUT here is the thing.....It allows the Lord to minister to me even when I didn't know it was necessary !!! Here are just some bullet points I want to share with you for you to ask yourself.

When offended and you get mad ~ what do you do in your anger? are you afraid to get in there and try again?

Do you go into seclusion? or do you just disengage your heart and put on a pretty smile anyway pretending to be happy to be at church or sing those worship songs?

David was so upset when Uzzah was killed for touching the Ark of the God (2 Sam 6). David was angry and afraid, he went off to be alone and was very mad at God.

Here is the thing that STRUCK me that Beth Moore shared....
your enemy is BANKING ON us STAYING in the anger and fear! He desires for us to not only stay mad but he wants us to LOSE ground in our walk. We LOSE ground WAY FASTER than we gain it my friends!!

David had a heart after God....even though....he committed adultery....he committed murder.....he got mad at God. But even when David did these things he repented and sought the LORD.

I know I do not ever want to allow the enemy an opportunity EVER to have a foothold in my life or my walk NO MATTER what comes my way

As David says in 2Samuel 7:18

Who am I, O Lord God? and what is my house, that YOU have brought me this far??

Thank you Lord