Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We are here

My husband arrived safely in Detroit yesterday and went immediately to his meetings for the day. My brother and I arrived safely in Jacksonville late last night. A friend of theirs came to the airport to pick us up and when we pulled up to the gate of dads home it was like a fairy tale. My dad has created an amazing array of Christmas lights on his property. I am not sure how many lights, snowmen, horses, Santa, reindeer, Christmas packages, just anything you name it ~ it is out there and you couldn't even capture all of it with even 5 pictures. There is that many lights and It just shows me the little boy that is still in my daddy.

Oh I almost forgot ~ they released him from the hospital yesterday. He has pneumonia and this is of great concern because when you have pneumonia ~ the only way to get rid of it is it must come OUT. Well, Daddy doesn't have the strength to cough it up so we are checking about some sort of tool called a green pickle to expell the pnuemonia and the other option was a bronchoscopy which he had way back in May when he was very healthy and it knocked him down big time so I KNOW this is NOT an option as he could never withstand that right now. The other obstacle is the chest tumor itself. They fear it will begin to constrict his airway since he is not able to have chemo right now and that it will continue to grow and when it does it will constrict his airway. So, as you can see Daddy has many obstacles to overcome. As I laid down last night I just begged the Lord for a miracle. I do not want my dad to suffer yet he is still fighting. We will see his doctors on Thursday. I am ever so glad my brother is here with me and can just see Gods hand in so many things right now.

Again, thank you all for your prayers love and support. When I arrived and read the comments it just brings me to tears to know there are so many praying and so many putting these requests on Facebook as well asking for others to come along side and pray. GOD IN EACH OF YOU is so wonderful, amazing, powerful!!

For now, we are just resting in the arms of our Father. I am so thankful to be here and to have these precious days with my Daddy.

Love and Blessings