Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas

Wow! I took a pretty good break didn't I?? Last week my Honey was out of town, so to say things were kinda INSANE would be a very accurate statement!! That and the fact I was DECORATING!!! Tis the Season' and I LOVE Christmas & all that it brings!!
I have had so much fun decorating this year! One night this week my Honey said to me...."Why did you just now start decorating? Now that the kids are all almost out of the house?" I explained very kindly..."Well, because when they were little, I was pouring my heart and soul into them! Also, I didn't have the desire to decorate because I knew I wasn't that good at it. However, things are changing and I am gaining more confidence in my decorating ability and am learning new things each day :) this year my neighbor came over and helped me. She can work magic with ribbon. Ribbon around my tree, my mantles, my center pieces...You name it, if it looked good with a ribbon or a bow on it, then by all means, it is there! :)

Here are some pics: Let's Start in my Kitchen

I LOVE Snowmen!! Don't you???

This is in my kitchen on my center island! I went with a candy cane theme in my kitchen and It is sooo CUTE!!

Hung some ornaments from my Windows....

Heading into my Living Room

Look @ this you guys!....MY HUSBAND MADE THIS!! A Fireplace Basket!!! Didn't He do good!!??? After sharing what all to put in it, He went to town & surpassed all my expectations for sure!!

Our Tree!

My one and only Santa, chillin on the fireplace :)

This table is in my Hall Entry

My Dining Room ~

This is my Dining Room Centerpiece!

The Three Wise Men :) on my Hutch

Ane My Momma taught me that every room needs a little whimsy :) So Why Not put the "Whimsy" in the Potty room right?? ;)

Merry Christmas

Have Missed all of you! Can't wait to catch up with all of you today!