Monday, March 12, 2012

Do you BOSU?

I have a question.... Do you BOSU? This thing shown in the picture above is called a BOSU Ball. It is for exercising your core mostly, but will be beneficial in other areas too. My husband has been having some lower back problems and his MRI showed some discs issues. His dr. told him to start strengthening his core. The BOSU Ball is EXCELLENT for doing just that!

I decided to try it this weekend and WOW...It is so hard! Trying to stay balanced is a workout in itself LOL I kind of got the hang of it on a couple of specific exercises and enjoyed it! It is very gentle on your knees, which is nice!
For those who love to run, but it hurts your knees, this is a great alternative. While you can't go running on it, trust me, there are enough exercises you can choose from that will burn some serious calories just like running does!

If you want some cheap entertainment, this is sure to give you some laughs! Watching me, especially, trying to just get my balance is hilarious! I have some serious balance issues I guess! But they tell you to keep your eyes focused on one target but if they know personality types - they should know that a Sanguine JUST MIGHT NOT be able to accomplish this ;) but if we put our minds to it, it might possibly, just maybe, a tad better!HA HA :)

I Hope everyone had a great weekend :) I am excited to share some pictures from over the weekend with you guys!
Happy Monday my sweet friends!