Monday, November 30, 2009

Pictures and Prayers

I just wanted to share some Prayer Request with you all today.

UPDATED @ 6pm Central time. I have to add this prayer request as well.

My friend Kat @ Heart2Heart hasn't blogged in 6 days and all of us that know her ~know~ that is NOT her soooo I called her tonight and talked with her sweet daughter and she told me that Kat is down again with her female issues. I am asking for prayer for Kat. I love Kat so much and it breaks my heart that she is in sooo much pain. First and foremost I am praying for a complete healing but also for Wisdom for Kat in regards to her options and what she needs to do for herself. Please stop by Kats or email her those of you who have her email, and let her know you are praying for her ok!!! It will mean so much to her. Thankyou all sooo very much!

My Friend Beth from An Instrument for HIS Glory and At HIS FEET needs for us to be praying for her sweet daughter Melissa. Melissa just returned from a missions trip in Africa. She was there for 12 weeks and was sick alot of that time she was there. This did not keep her from doing HIS Work or from HIM working in her life ~ NO! Melissa returned home and after a bit ~ she began experiencing that same sickness again. She has been diagnosed with Malaria and is in pain and running a fever pretty continually. She also has liver and spleen issues. BUT! OUR GOD IS IN CONTROL AND ON THE THRONE!!! Won't you please join me and many others in praying for Melissa and asking the Lord for A COMPLETE HEALING in her body!! PLEASE visit Beth and let her know you are praying for their family!!

My Dad. I talked to my Dad over the Thanksgiving break and while he shared none of this with me ~ My stepmom did. She told me that Dad is very weak and is now needing assistance just to get out of bed. She said the Dr. wasn't very hopeful at their last appointment and when chemo treatments don't work that your options start to become fewer and fewer. My stepmom told me that my dads legs are getting worse and to be honest I was so upset that I am just finding out all of this and on Thanksgiving that I really didn't ask any questions or share my heart.....Why are you just now telling me this? Why if he is this bad wouldn't you tell me so that I could have been there for the Holiday? IDK. Is it worse than you're telling me? When I talk to my dad, clearly he is just sharing the good and being upbeat but I want the truth and if he is this bad I want to be there. Would you please pray that I am given some honest answers. Dad is going in for chemo today and if he is strong enough I am guessing they will administer it to him. My prayer is still first and foremost. Salvation. That Dad would KNOW and accept Jesus because I can't even imagine experiencing ANYTHING without my JESUS or the Love of my Father and the comfort of the HOLY SPIRIT.
I KNOW that God is with him ~ of that, I have no doubt whatsoever. I just want my Dad to know it too.

There are many other prayer requests in this bloggy world that are needed and I am just asking that we join in and intercede for those that we know and love that need our prayers today and in the days ahead! Thankyou all soo very much

Here are some pics from our cabin over Thanksgiving :)

This is the first year we took our sweet "tyson" with us and he had soo much fun :) He loved taking walks with us!

My mom AKA "Nanny" with 2 of her grandkids!

Papa. He is a real-estate agent and got a contract while we were away. I shared we had horrible service so this was what he had to resort to just so he could talk on the phone! LOL made us all think of the movie RV ;)

Sunset at our cabin

Love and Blessings to you all