Monday, March 14, 2011

A little bit of this and a WHOLE lot of....

This week is SPRING BREAK!!! If you could see me now you would know I am doing the Happy Dance :)

What do you ask, are we going to do? Hmmmm, well let's see:

Stay Up Late. Sleep In

Take My Grandbabies to the Park and enjoy the warm & wonderful sunshiney weather that has been forecast

Hang my new curtains that should arrive on Thursday! (pics to come)

Shop with my daughter for Prom Dresses

Have a DiGiorno Pizza Party for HouseParty ~ shoot some hoops, take some pics and enjoy all my family & friends who come

Have a Slumber Party with the kids and grandkids

Go on a lunch date with my Mom ALONG with the kids!!

Read some awesome books to review.

Go visit my daughter at her NEW JOB!! So proud of her!

Cut my Sons Hair!! My oh My.... is it ever long!!

Cherish the days that my husband is able to take off towards the end of the week ♥ ♥ ♥

Spend time with the ONE who has blessed me with so much. Worship the ONE who is soo worthy of all my Praise. Seek the ONE who, in times of trouble, gives us Peace.

Have a blessed week my dear friends!