Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Believe in YOU

This weekend as I shared in my previous post was a quiet one and part of that was because my husband wasn't feeling well. Running fever, coughing and just exhausted after his week of traveling. One of the blessings of LifeChurch is that you can watch it live on your PC and at times like this we completely opted for this! Sunday morning we were up and gathered together in the living room and had church! Having been in a house church for so long this is not at all weird or different for us and in all honesty I felt this was EXACTLY what the Lord had planned for us on this particular weekend.

The message closed out the series of "I believe in YOU." It was a great ending by a guest speaker Dr. Sam Chand. Mr Chand was a gentleman who "believed in" Pastor Craig. He shared of his life and of all of those who had "believed in him" throughout his time here in America and in his walk with the Lord. What struck me most about this week was the not just the inspiring ways and examples of what having someone believe in you does but Mr. Chand spoke more about leaving a legacy. Having a living legacy. He shared that he was a president of an University, had a wing named after him and while all of that was so cool what meant most to him was that on his first day of being that University's President he was walking into his office and saw a young man mowing and went to speak to him. As the years went by the Lord allowed Mr. Chand to sow into the life of this young man. Time went by and the time came for him to retire from this job. On His last day of being President he released this position to this young man that all those years ago was the grounds keeper. This man was now the President of the University and was Mr. Chand's "Living Legacy" and BOTH men give credit to the Lord for this!

After the service was over we sat and shared with our son and just told him how we "believed in him" and were able to give him countless examples both on a spiritual level and just overall everyday things. Then we laid hands on him and prayed over him. It was such a precious time with the Lord and as a family. I am ever so thankful to have these intimate moments ~ Thank you Lord

What about you? Who are you believing & sowing into? Who is believing in you? Let them know what they mean to you! Praise the Lord for those who have sown into our lives!!

Happy Tuesday all! :)