Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Book of Eli

Today I will be sharing a couple of reviews. This morning will be this movie "The book of Eli" and this evening I will share about a book I have read.

First, I want to share a couple of links I was given from Karen Kingsbury's site about the movie.

This one shares a bit on Denzel and how he was so protective of the movie

This next link is in regards to the "R" rating and the language in the movie

So, as for my review ~ What I would share first and foremost is that it truly is an "R" rated movie. The Language is BAD and you don't see any nudity. That said, it is a VERY INTENSE movie with alot of killing and I mean alot. But, the storyline is something that speaks volumes. If you can handle the killing and blood then you will want to see this movie, but if you get nauseated at the sight of blood and gore then DO NOT GO! It is along the lines of Mel Gibsons "The patriot" without the Romance.
Again, though, the story shared with us a determination to Run this Race the Lord gives us until we have completed the task.

Just my humble opinion,