Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Believe in YOU

I have really been looking forward to this new series titled "I Believe in You." that we began @ Church this past weekend. It's already awesome!

Pastor Craig Groeschel began this week speaking specifically to the "Emerging Generation" Those whom are 30yrs. old or so and younger. This generation, in Pastor Craigs opinion is so "UNBELIEVABLY Driven," more so than any generation before them.
They have such Mission Minded hearts that they literally crave to make a difference...a longing to serve a purpose. Never before have we seen soooo many children doing the work that was placed upon their hearts (by God) to help others in need. You see it in the news, magazines, ministries that serve here and abroad!

He also explained that while this generation is sooo mission minded they also have some VERY strong temptations that cause some of these kids to remain somewhat "STUCK" or not able to move forward to accomplish the purpose they desire to fulfill.
These temptations are:
1) This generation feels ENTITLED! Why? Because we as parents have made certain that they have everything they need or rather maybe what they want! Cell phones at a young age (some kids are upset because they have a Iphone 3G but their best friend may have the Iphone4) The best of everything not just the necessities. We have been there @ every single event and put their needs above everything some even above their spouses! Some have gone into debt JUST so the child can have what they didn't have as children. This leads them to think"They DESERVE to have it all" As they grow up they feel they have to have the same type of house as their parents did at the age of 27-30 but the truth is the parents didn't have that kind of house until their 40's or 50's!
2) THis generation doesn't believe in absolute truth....they can know God but they can live as they want.
3) This generation also tends to postpone adulthood. They want the benefits of adulthood but not the sacrifices of adulthood. They believe Real Life starts later ~ say when they become parents! Yes....that is what a recent poll said! Not when they graduate or turn 18 or 21. NOt when they get their first job or graduate college but they become adults once they become PARENTS.
Gulp! But here is the thing! I know I have said this very thing to my kids and to those whom I know that are newly married....
"Go and do all you want to do before you have kids ~ because that is when everything changes!" Have you said this?

We all need to understand that Ministry and walking in our Purpose starts TODAY ~ wherever you are! We are Gods hands and feet and HIS vessel in which others will see HIM or not. Our kids are ministers no matter where they go! They are the pastor of the class they are in each day or the FCA they belong to. They may be the Pastor of a team they participate in. But in order for them to fulfill this they need to be walking with the Lord and we as parents must build and lead them. Believing in them with every step they take! It all began with God BELIEVING in Jesus. HE KNEW that Jesus would fulfill the purpose of the Cross. Jesus heard the first words of support and belief from HIS heavenly Father when HE was baptized!

Mark 1:11 And a voice came from heaven: "You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased."

I pray that we can all be like Paul ~ Walking with a Power of Influence. Coming alongside others allowing them to follow our example as we follow after Christ! Jesus is the target we pursue. Changing the world as HE does! That Belief that God had in Jesus didn't just affect HIM, it affected all of us....for when HE fulfilled HIS purpose here on Earth was for You & ME!