Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It is the 1st Count it all JOY post of the year!! YAY! I hope you can join in and share some JOY too! Join Angel here

I shared with you all yesterday about my Bible Reading plan. I am reading two plans right now. One of which is the 21 Day fast plan since our church is doing a 21 day fast. The reading was Psalm 119 and the FIRST two verses were about JOY!! Isn't that just too cool! I love it!

Joyful are people of integrity,
who follow the instructions of the Lord.
Joyful are those who obey his laws
and search for him with all their hearts

I am sooo happy to be able to have Rylee back here with us now that I can lift her and do what a two year old needs to do :) LOL Sooo she spends Monday nights with us and then I have her all day Tuesday and usually Krista will come over after she gets off work and have dinner with us! She is going to have our new baby grandson (Bentley) in 14 MORE days!! JOY JOY JOY!

Oh the Silly Faces of Rylee :) Love her soo much Fills this Noni's Heart with JOY

I won a giveaway @ Beth's blog and received my Starbucks card! Beth also sent some adorable Christmas tea towels and such a sweet note! Thank you Beth for bringing JOY to my day!!

Have a Jesus JOY-filled day my friends :)