Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Can I just say that being home has been absolutely heavenly AND absolutely crazy at the same time? Can anyone relate? Catching up and listening to my kids share has been wonderful. I LOVE listening to my kids, being with them, laughing and being silly too. We have been doing that non-stop it seems since Sunday. Along with that we have been picking up their schedules and doing all the necessary things before school starts. Both kids are attending new schools this year(meaning moving from MidHigh to Highschool or from elementary into Junior High) so we have spent ALOT of time walking their classes making sure they have their schedules down and won't be lost on the first day! This is also the first year my son will have a locker so we "made sure" he was able to do his combination many many times. (This has seemed to be his biggest concern) It has been fun watching them get excited for the new year and seeing all of their friends and finding out if they have classes together.

Praying for what teachers they will get begins way before the next school year starts and this year the majority of the teachers are really good (thankyou LORD!). My daughter has a class with a group of kids that she is already saying "OH BOY, wonder what the Lord is going to teach me with this class." Hearing her say that made my heart fill with joy! This group of kids would not be her favorite group but she has learned over these past few years that turning away from such situations DOES NOT make them go away, they will come up somewhere else in someone else, or in some other situation, guaranteed IF you don't listen and learn to what the Lord wants you to see, to learn or to know and/or understand!

One thing we started doing a few years back is going to their schools the night before school starts and taking who-ever of their friends wants to go and allowing each one child to speak out any concerns/fears they might have regarding the schoolyear. This may be peer pressure, teachers, friendships/relationships/ purity etc. Whatever is spoken we pray against these things and cover them with Gods Word and promises asking HIM to cover and protect each one represented. We allow the Holy Spirit to bring whatever HE wants spoken to and for these kids. It has proven to be such a peace-filled thing and a foundation for the school year. Living daily for HIM and seeking HIM daily is key to making these things come to pass but knowing that a foundation has been laid has been a gift to me, and to our kids and their friends. They see their parents, and know that we earnestly care for them, and their friends and their school year, but more importantly they KNOW their Heavenly Father is with them and will walk with them each and every day. HE is there protecting them, giving them wisdom and speaking through them to other children who may or may not know HIM. It isn't just going to school to learn~ it is being a light for JESUS that really matters.

Love and blessings to all of you!