Monday, June 6, 2011

Prayers Needed

Would you all please say a prayer for my Son Jantzen? Saturday afternoon he stood up and wrapped his arms around me to hug me. I said to him...."Oh my goodness Jantzen, you are sooo heavy" and then I kind of pushed him away from me. Immediately he fell straight backwards and went down on the floor! As I bent down to get him, I realized he was having a seizure! He also was a bit confused and saying things that didn't make sense. To say this scared us to death is a HUGE understatement!

After a bit, he was alert and able to get up. Although, He continued to do things that were just "off" Like, saying my hands were on fire (to the touch) which they were NOT!! We rushed him to the ER and they did quite a few tests as well as a Ct scan. Everything came back NORMAL! Which is GREAT NEWS except that, we need to figure out Why this happened! The ER doctor explained to us that even with all the tests he did coming back normal that we need to get Jantz to a neurologist and do more tests! He explained that he could have epilepsy.

So today I will be taking him to see our family doctor and then he will refer us to a neurologist! I am praying the LORD direct our steps and we are connected with a wonderful Neurologist and that they can determine what is going on. There is a possibility that it might be dehydration that caused it, but this is a determination that we came up with on our own. The ER doc never even considered that so we might be way off base.

How can you pray?
That we be referred to an amazing neurologist
That we find the truth of why this happened.
No more seizures!!
This isn't anything more serious!!

Thank you all sooo much!! I will keep you all posted and for so many of you who saw my FACEBOOK STATUS and have already been praying I can't even begin to thank you enough! Having your love and support as well as prayers is such a GIFT FROM THE LORD!!