Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Helping out some Friends

My Wonderful and Oh so Famous Friend Lori Sabin AKA "Girly Muse" has one of the most amazing voices you will EVER hear! She also has one of the sweetest Hearts I have EVER KNOWN! I had the privelege of meeting Lori last year and felt like I have known her all my life! She captured my heart that day and I am sooo thankful the Lord has blessed me w/her friendship!

So Lori has a friend named Staci Frenes. Any friend of Lori's is a friend of mine :) Staci has come out with a new CD and has asked for help in sharing this WONDERFUL NEWS!

You can go here and listen (& "like") to some of the songs on her Facebook page

If you would like to PreOrder this Fabulous CD ~ go to STACI'S LINK here

Here is a quick note from Staci and a bit about the CD
Thanks so much for helping spread the word about my new CD, Snapshots! :) As an independent artist, I don’t have the kind of marketing budgets the big labels have, so I’m grateful for the press. This project is a unique’s a collection of demos I’ve done for film/TV, other artists, etc....super fun, hooky songs more in the mainstream than CCM vein.

The CD will be ready to ship (around) the end of right now we’re offering PERKS (free shipping and and a signed CD) for anyone who pre-orders at this PayPal (link listed above!) The CD is on $7.99!!!!! That is awesome so please help out Staci and pre-order today :)