Friday, January 30, 2009

Wow! What a week! Oklahoma was hit with yet another snow/ice storm and while this year we DID MAINTAIN power we were still out of school for 3 days! I truly enjoyed having the kids home and being cooped up and I think if you ask them they would say the enjoyed it as well.

I just really wanted to share the moments that as George Strait would say "I saw God today"
On Wednesday we decided that we would go ahead and have youth at our house (the kids all wanted to come :) )so Jen and I had to get out of the house to go get snack food. On our way home we were pulling into our driveway and noticed it had been scraped but didn't know by whom....As we were unloading our car, here comes our neighbor on his tractor. He had been a busy bee clearing neighbors driveways and just going about his kind business doing what I might say the Lord would do...loving and helping people even when they don't know it or see it. You see my neighbor has cancer and according to drs. wasn't even suppose to be alive on this day. He was diagnosed about 2 yrs ago and has taken treatments but I honestly have not seen him down one day. Tears just poured out as I saw this man "loving his neighbors as himself" as God tells us to do. He just drove by waving and smiling...he didn't want any credit or kudos he was just doing what he could to help. I pray that he will be blessed 7fold!

On Wednesday night our youth showed and we had a full house! Even the hominy group of kids came and you could just feel Gods hand on every minute of it. One boy in particular was sharing and VERY EMOTIONAL so much so that he really couldn't finish his sentence but I literally watched God just pour over him and wash away the torment and resentment that he had experienced that past week and just whisper to Him...I am here, I am with you....I will lead and guide you. It was precious and to be very honest Brian and I were so praying that everyone would be ok and make it here and home safe since some literally drove an hour away and an hour back on very slick roads. We were the only ones in town meeting I think but It truly was clear that we were suppose to meet and God would protect each and everyone as He did.
Not only did He Protect everyone but He spoke and moved in their lives as only He can do! Thankyou Father!

We are are still melting but it it suppose to be like 56 today and in the 60s tomorrow so it will all be gone soon, thank goodness. Another storm, more memories to store away. I enjoy the storms when they come but am always glad to see them go!!!

Here is a little snipet of a Dave Ramsay letter I read from my email that I wanted to share.

As for our new president, if you’re not a fan, pray for him. He’s your president. If you are a fan, pray for him. He’s your president, not your savior. Your hope will be crushed if you wait for him and his administration—or anyone else—to fix your life and give you money..... Dave Ramsay

This was just the end of his letter on the stimulus package or his opinion of it.

Be blessed!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow storm 09

Well we got ice, we got sleet and then finally came the beautiful snow! The ice started yesterday around noon and pretty much lasted throughout the night and day today just a slow and steady fall. The memory of last years storm was ever present on everyones mind and the grocery stores along with the home depot and lowes stores proved this to be very true. Everyone raided the stores...milk, de-icer, bread...none to be had. School was out today and will be again tomorrow, in my opinion maybe Friday we will go back but will just have to see. We have not lost electricity which is the best gift God could bestow upon us and those of us who have verdigris valley couldn't be more happy because it doesn't take much for us to lose power.

I am relatively new to Facebook but today it was so fun to be cooped up but to talk to more people than I would had I even been at work. Technology is amazing! We can
share what's going on, discuss a show with each other, offer up a prayer or request for one and all of it is right at your fingertips. For some, it is a place to receive the only encouragement they get all day for others it is simply a place to vent. But I am thankful to see God move even on Facebook.

Well I hope to soon be able to post some pictures here on my blog but will have to wait for my friend to show me more about all of this.

I will be glad when the cold goes away so my body will stop hurting! It's nice having a fire though!

Monday, January 26, 2009

monday - Chili
tuesday- Chef Salad
wednesday- youth snacks
thurs-hamburgers, homemade fries (sweet potato)
friday- Chicken kbobs
saturday-pancakes, eggs, bacon (seems to be the popular vote) thanks nicole!

It's monday and the forecast is snow/ice and it is only 28 outside right now which makes my joints do nothing but ache!! We had a very busy weekend which meant no real rest. Brian and I had a great morning Saturday morning and then Jen and I went to "Jack Danger Eatons" baby shower and that was fun then we were off to see Brad Paisley with our dear friends Connie and Ashley. It was such a treat to spend an evening with them. The girls have been friends since they were 2 as have Connie and I. We all went out to eat and then when we got to the concert Darius Rucker (aka "Hootie and the Blowfish" now turned country) was singing, which was such a treat because I loved Hootie back when he was rock so to see him now was awesome. Dierks Bentley played before Brad and he was good as well but then out came Brad and he really puts on a great show! I loved watching it all through the eyes of my daughter!! I just cherish her and anytime we get together is a gift from the Lord alone!

Sunday we went to Destiny Life again and it was soo very good and then when we pulled into our drive we saw some friends had come over and were out back splitting our firewood and stacking it up for us since brian still cant do it with his shoulder, what a BLESSING!! God has given us such wonderful loving friends who truly are examples of godliness. It overwhelms me!

We spent last night with the couple who is mentoring all of us and once again God just poured out on all of us more and more of His unconditional love! I just am in awe of how God puts people in my life who lead me, love me, mentor me and are vessels who take that journey with me ....the journey the only God has prepared....the one that leads to knowing Him and his unconditional love that no matter what I do or don't do He loves me no more and no less.

Well the rain/ice just started falling ....I am ready to get the kids and build a fire and snuggle up with my family!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well I just wanted to share about my night last night. We had our daughter Krista and her husband over to finally have our "family" Christmas. I know it's january but because Rylee was born so close to Christmas we weren't able to fit in having just our little family Christmas and then Casey's (son-in-law) grandma died and they had family staying at their house so it was just one thing after another they has delayed it but wow, it was a precious night. I had a busy day and so I put on a roast, pot, and carrots in the crock pot and when they got here Krista looked sooo very good. She has lost 30 lbs already and Rylee has changed sooo much since we last saw her. She had just gotten her shots the day before and Krista said she was cranky but I sooo did not care! Just holding her and seeing Brian hold her totally melted my heart! I have always heard that the love a grandparent has is beyond describable and it is a very accurate statement!

Krista was almost 2 yrs old when i married Brian so she has always been like my own and as a stepmom we have had out typical step family issues. I have made many mistakes and we have really worked towards healing any wounds that I personally may have put on Krista or that we as a couple have done. God truly has helped all of us come to a better place and as Rylee was born I must admit, my fear or not being able to be a part of her life has really at times been too much. I can see God doing an even deeper healing in all of us and it is just sooo sweet! For Christmas Krista and Casey gave me a bracelet, the clasp is a heart and the clasp that connects says love on it, then it has a heart charm on it that reads "noni" the name I have asked to be called instead of grandma. I cannot even describe what it meant to me and I tear up each time I look at it because I don't just see a bracelet, I see God and His amazing and wonderful love that heals us, brings restoration to our lives and just opens up doors of hope of the things to come.

Thankyou Lord....Thankyou.

I started a new bible study today. It is on the book of Esther. It's titled "Esther...being a woman is tough" Beth Moore is an amazing woman of God and one of the most anointed Bible teachers out there in my humble opinion. I very much look forward to this study and to see what God has in store!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20th, 2009
Inauguration Day
A day that will definately go down in History
More than ever showed up to see the new President be sworn into office. There were so many american flags flowing in the crowd, and tears ....yes tears flowing as well.
I did not vote for this man to be president but I have determined for myself and encourage others as well that I will pray for him and for the decisions that he will make that affect all of us.

Romans 13 says this: (New Century Version)

1.All of you must yield to the government rulers. No one rules unless God has given him the power to rule, and no one rules now without that power from God.2. So those who are against the government are really against what God has commanded. And they will bring punishment on themselves.3. Those who do right do not have to fear the rulers; only those who do wrong fear them. Do you want to be unafraid of the rulers? Then do what is right, and they will praise you.4.The ruler is God's servant to punish those who do wrong. 5.So you must yield to the government, not only because you might be punished, but because you know it is right.

The Study notes on this verse (vs 1 in particular) says this: There is no authority except that which God has established--This does not say that certain forms of government are ordained of God. God established and upholds the principle of government even though some governments do not fulfill His desires.

Wow, we can pray & hope thatthis government will fulfill Gods desires. We can pray for President Obama to have the Fear of the Lord so that he will make Godly decisions for all.
But we must remember that this man is only a man, and that ultimately If we are believers, Gods ways are what we live by, the Holy Spirit is our guide and He will lead us into all Truth.
The Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. Wake us up Oh Lord, Lead us to look to You, to live according to Your will for our lives each and every day and in every way!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Well. it's Monday and it's Martin Luther King day so we are on Holiday! We had a really good time last night. We met with a couple who have been pastors before and sat around and got to know one another. It was just so refreshing, they cooked for all of us (3 couples) and we felt as if we were royalty. They had everything soo nice and the love of the Lord was ALL OVER THEM!

As each couple shared our story of our spiritual upbringing and then our spiritual passions I learned something new about each of my very close friends and even my husband. But as this couple listened to each one of us, they just shared what only mentors can share in their kind and loving way.....We are all STRIVING to do what we think God WANTS us to do or what we think we NEED to do. I for instance shared that I had absolutely no spiritual upbringing and it wasn't until J my daughter was born 16 yrs ago that I realized I did not want to her to be raised not knowing Christ and living for HIM. Then I shared that I was sooo desperately afraid of teenagers.....literally to walk into a high school would give me nothing short of anxiety, I still panic at football games....(all of this stems back to my highschool days 2 occasions where I was surrounded by the school for a girl to....beat me up) but anyway what the devil meant for harm...God has most definately turned for good. To teach youth in our home was probably one of the scariest things I could have ever imagined plus I just don't KNOW the Word like the other leaders I am around. He just looked right at me and said this "Loren it is good for you to want to know the Word and to gain more wisdom but you need to understand....You are equipped, you have everything you need right inside of you and you will touch these kids by just being who you are. You will affect them and not even know it but in the years to come they will return to you and Brian and share what you all meant to them in their youth." The Lord showed me at this exact moment of our old home where we had a swimming pool and it seemed as if we always had a house full of kids at while we didn't sit and have "lessons per se" we just loved them all soo very much and mostly they didn't have close families, one in particular, had a home with drugs being used by both parents. Anyway, one of the kids who is now in college wrote me just recently wrote me a note telling me "Your house was the one place we had fun, it was the happiest times in my childhood" I am truly not looking for kudos or praise but just felt the Lord saying....It is true my daughter, you are equipped and I am in you to help you along the way, rest in me & walk with me. Yet another moment of His Love going down deep into my heart, soul and spirit. He is soo good to me. This went on through each and every one of us and we all left with a light heart...when God moves in and through His brings peace, joy, and freedom.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's Sunday and the Lord has fallen in Glory at our house this morning! It has been a little more than 2 years now maybe 3 that we left the "traditional church" and started attending a house church. At first it was one of the scariest things we had ever done because no one knew, (even the people who opened their house) what having or attending a house church looked like. But the journey has been truly one of the best, scariest, hardest and most wonderful things we as a family or me personally have ever done. We have learned that God is with us everywhere and we don't ever have to walk into a building or stand at an alter to lay our burdens down to Him, to ask Him forgiveness or to seek guidance is simply being with Him wherever you are. We learned that we had depended upon that and even depended up the wonderful sunday school teachers to teach our children and the pastor to teach us. so leaving a traditional church it was very evident to us where our walk was. The intimacy that the Holy Spirit craves with each and every person is so precious and for us to be still, to hear His voice, to operate in the gifts He had for each of us just wasn't happening. Please understand that I am not against a traditional church but in this season of our lives God has taken us, me, our family on this wonderful journey! He has surrounded us with people who have such a heart for Him, He has given us examples of the prophetic in minstry and in worship. God has shown me each day in a new way on a deeper level His love for me and because of this I am learning who I am in Him. It is humbling how when I look around me and see ALL God has done for me and for my family. To see my husband operate in his gift of wisdom and as a prophet is just so amazing because I was a wife who use to cry out to God that he could just be close to God. LOL boy did God hear me! To see my daughter oh my gosh operate prophetically absolutely astounds me-you hear about people who have a direct line to God well this child can "read your mail" as they say!! It's so exciting to experience! My son, well he is one who operates in the purest love of Christ. He truly has a heart like David. I heard a teacher (apostle) who said it like this....When God reaches down and meets you where you are with a love that only God can give you and speaks something to you (prophetically) that only God can know it affects you deeply. It changes you (hopefully) and it moves you from glory to glory!

We had a family meeting this morning and God fell on each and every one of us in Power and in Glory, he met us where we are....broken vessels, frustrated and weary but when He touches you like that it gives you strength, and hope, to get up and be about your Fathers business, yet again.

I heard a song that was written prophetically and just wanted to post these words. May they speak in the Power God meant for all of us to have:

The Banner Song of the Sacred Charge

The battle is raging
The Devil is raging
I don't want to be sleeping....wake me up Jesus
While the battle if raging

Give me eyes to see and ears to hear
For I don't fight as one who beats the air
give me eyes to see and ears to hear
I Put on the whole armor of Christ

I put on Christ
I make no provision for my flesh
Put on the whole armor of God
Leave no open door to darkness (I put on Jesus)

I take the scroll
I eat the scroll
Open up the my mouth and speak forth your Word
take the Sword of the Spirit

Blessed be the Lord my Rock
He trains my hands for battle
He trains my hands for war

I have the mind of Christ
I have the eyes of Christ, it doesn't have to be a blind battle
Jesus you delight to arm us with strength

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ahhh Saturday mornings! One of my favorite times with my honey! We sat around in our jammies this morning, turned on the fireplace in the kitchen and talked while we had our morning coffee. Just catching up with one another and discussing our plans for the weekend. I simply treasure these times with Brian! We really need to plan some serious time together to put some things on the calendar. Our time over the break was not much of what you would call a break because we had sooo much going on with his shoulder surgery, our grandbaby being born :) and then hosting the OneThing Conference here which was awesome, and then you add going here and there celebrating Christmas and before you know it everyone has gone back to work and to school and nothing was planned for the new year.

My friend and lifecoach Cindy told me "Loren you are not a planner but you work much better if you have a plan" It hid me hard and I have tried ever since to have a plan sooo....once again...DO IT don't just say it!

Well today I hope to accomplish all God wants me to for Him mostly and for my family as well.
We are not having house church this weekend so I will allow this time to be used wisely and prayerfully get caught up around here.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday January 16

I love Fridays! It is the day that I get to spend with my mom! We usually go to lunch, or breakfast, sometimes I do her hair or we just hang out together! I have always been incredibly close to my mom,the Lord has definately blessed me!

Today we are taking my daughters car into the dealership to put her cd player in, something her daddy negotiated when we bought the car and she is stoked! But I had to drive her car this morning to take J to school and I was reminded what it was like to drive a COLD CAR without seat heaters and wait for the heater to warm the car!!! LOL. Oh well, keeps me humble I suppose. It just didn't feel good on any of my joints but today is suppose to be warmer, I think up to 30 or so.

I am going to have to be really tight with money over the next month or so....we had something very unexpected come is my chance to put my goal into action. Creating a grocery envelope, looking at ads, planning a menu and OBEYING the rules!!

With God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, now my job is to be obedient and persevere!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Jan. 15

Well, here we go! My first blog....

This is so far out of my comfort zone because I am not creative nor do I know much about this computer stuff but I have been sooo inspired by my new facebook friends that I really wanted to have a blog. Once I get it down I will share it with my family but for now, well, we will just have to see.

It is 09 degrees outside as I sit here tonite with the crackling of the fire in the background. Jen is at work and Brian and Jantz are in the office doing Christianity 101 together. Jantz is loving doing this with his Daddy! I am so blessed to have a husband who truly leads us in the ways of Christ! This is a book that the pastor of Destiny Life Church, Glenn Shaffer wrote and is awesome. Jen is training at her new job tonite, she was soo tired when she got home but I am thankful we have a long weekend this weekend!

Well I am trying to set some organization to my home and I guess this blog would be a good place to hold myself accountable. I have been inspired by my friend nicole and have started doing a menu again, if only I could be as good as she is and cut coupons and look at the ads & base my meals on that...oh well, that will be a goal of mine then huh!

I haven't felt well this week and that has kept me from doing much housework or organizing but hopefully next week will be different.