Monday, July 11, 2011

So Blessed

You ever have those days when you just receive such a blessing from the Lord that you just want to cry??? Ya? Me too! That is just how I felt after this weekend.

Saturday my husband and I woke up @ 6:30 am. I took Jantzen to work for NHS @ a local run. Tons of people turned out to run the annual Josh Hatzell Memorial Run. Josh was killed a few years ago tragically and this has been something our community has done to honor him and I can only imagine how much it has helped his parents in the healing process.

As I returned Brian and I began working out in our yard. We were making 2 new flower beds. My neighbor informed me that Lowes was having a HUGE sale and had clearanced alot of their plants/flowers. Sooo, I went a picked up some Iris' ($1.25- $1.10 per plant!!!) and some crepe myrtles($9.99) and a few other things. We had so much fun and worked our tails off too! Oh, did I mention it was HOT? OH EM GEE! WAS IT EVER HOT!! According to the Weather Channel we were the hottest place in the country!!! Sunday our Bank's temperature read 113'. That is just TOO HOT! & yes, we were working in the yard LOL (drinking lots and lots of water and gatorade!! I will share pics soon)

Later that evening we went to church. Holy Smokes, it was packed out! Seriously, so many people were there and were even standing in the back! It was a great sermon on dying to our self! Recognizing Self Absorption and Pride ~ we all know where that gets us....flat on our face & full of regrets! Pastor Craig shared from the movie about that man who went hiking and ended up stuck and had to literally cut his arm off. I haven't seen that movie but I am definitely going to now! He was so self absorbed and did you know that when he set off for that hike he told NO ONE he was going??? It is an amazing story to say the least!

After church, we went to a beautiful wedding! My daughter, Krista and my grandaughter Rylee were both in the wedding! They looked beautiful! My grandaughter was the flower girl and I have to say I truly wondered how she would do walking up that aisle with all eyes on her! Let me just tell ya.....She was PRECIOUS!! She had us all in stitches and I don't know that I have ever seen her look so pretty! I can't wait to see pictures....Oh ya, I will be sharing them here ;)

Sunday finally came and my sweet JENNA is HOME!!! She has been gone for 10 days in North Carolina! I can't tell you how I've missed my girl! Krista and my grandbabies came over and we had a family Sunday dinner! Just a perfect end to a wonderful weekend. God is so good. HE blessed me so ~ HE knows there is nothing that fills a Mommas ♥ Heart ♥ the way having her family around her does....

Thank you Lord! I am so blessed